Our Dreams Came True: Introducing Gabriel Edward + Micah David!!

I’m sure most of you are already well aware of the boys’ arrival in March, but I had to at least post something official here!! We are still waiting on our birth and newborn photos, so hopefully this one photo I snapped will hold you over for now. We’ll have many more ‘real’ photos along with their birth story on the blog soon – promise!

For now, I wanted you all to meet the loves of our lives: born March 10, 2016 at a whopping 7 lbs each (no wonder my stomach was sooo crazy looking! haha)… Gabriel Edward (left) & Micah David (right)!!!


Ivf Success Twins_0001


(We loved their first names and the meaning behind both of them… and their middle names are after each of our maternal grandfathers – for those who are curious.)

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