The Big Day is Here ~ Twin Induction ~ Our Infertility Journey

Well, guys … I never thought we’d get to the point where we had to actually kick these guys out – but these boys are so cozy in here that they are officially getting evicted! Today is induction day! For the safety of the babies and myself, my doctor doesn’t want me to go past 38 weeks. (I’m 37 weeks 5 days today!) The boys have been measuring ahead nearly this entire pregnancy and especially lately have really shot up there in their ultrasound measurements! I seriously don’t think my stomach can stretch another centimeter (though they keep proving me wrong week after week) and so it is time to finally meet our loves!

We got the date for the induction last Thursday at our OB appointment and it has been incredibly surreal ever since. I just had a feeling they weren’t going to show up on their own any earlier (they are reaaaally cozy in there), so we’ve been enjoying a mix of quality time together just the two of us relaxing – making popcorn, watching movies and sleeping as much as possible, while also tackling some last minute projects and to-do’s before our life is flipped upside down!

We head to the hospital late this afternoon to check-in and get started with cervidil to help me dilate – which should take at least 12 hours to do what we need it to do – while James and I hopefully manage at least a little shut eye at the hospital. (I’m hoping with all hopes the cervidil works for me!) Then on Wednesday morning when my doctor is in and on-call we hope to start the next round of the induction with an IV of pitocin to get contractions started. You never know how your body will react to an induction, and they can be especially difficult for twin pregnancies given the giant size of your uterus (I mean, have you seen my stomach?!) – so we are open to seeing how this all goes. If for some reason my body just isn’t reacting and the boys are getting stressed – we are definitely open to delivering however we need to in order to get them here safe and healthy – including a possible c-section.

We have just been praying (as we have through this entire journey) for a healthy and uneventful delivery. We are anxious to meet our boys and so very ready to bring them home!! I cannot thank you all enough for your love and support from when I first told you about the start of this journey, to our IUIs, to our miscarriage, and all the way to our successful frozen embryo transfer that brought us our two miracle boys! You all have made us feel so loved and we are forever grateful.

In honor of our final night home as a family of 3 (you know Chloe counts!) – we did a little self-timer photo shoot in our bedroom. You’ll notice my bump may have grown juuuuust a *little* since our maternity session! haha. Also – you may notice that Chloe slowly falls asleep during this shoot… haha.


Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0175Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0176

She wanted in on the shoot before we were ready for her! haha. Way to photobomb, Chloe!

Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0177

Okay, fine – you can be in the photos too – you little love bug, you.

Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0178

Why yes, my bump makes a good head rest, Chloe. 🙂

Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0179Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0180

She is getting verrrrry sleeeeepy….

Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0181

Annnnnd… she’s out! haha

Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0182Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0183

Seriously. This dog can’t handle a photo shoot! haha.

Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0184Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0185

The final photo of my *almost* 38 week twin bump!!

Chicago Maternity Photos by Christy Tyler Photography_0186


Thank you in advance for all your love, prayers, and good juju. I’m doing my best to remain calm, trust my body and my doctors, and have faith that all will go well! XOXO

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