November Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes ~ Pregnancy Weeks 19 – 23

Well, hello there, December!! Didn’t you sneak up on us?! I’m surprised at how quickly November flew by, given we had a little bit more time to breathe than we have in quite a while! We shot a few sessions a week, and just two weddings this month… along with lots of catching up on a busy fall, heading to the doctor for what felt like a lot of appointments, and continuing to get as much done on our house as possible before these boys arrive!!

Here’s a look at November!! (Again… sorry about the crazy amount of selfies and bump pics… such is life right now and I want to remember every minute! So feel free to scroll right by if it drives you nuts! haha)


  1. Took advantage of the nice weather early in the month (70’s in November?!) and finished planting all the millions of plants I ordered online! haha
  2. 19 weeks 4 days and I thought I had such a bump! hahahaahhahaaaaa
  3. Chloe the blanket queen.
  4. Getting back to my roots and back to my coloring books! So good for the soul.
  5. The ice cream treats appear to be one thing in pregnancy that I will not outgrow! 😉
  6. 19 weeks 5 days and James surely said something goofy to make me laugh.



  1. Our 20 week ultrasound and Twin B was hiding from us!! But he did wave to say hi!! 🙂
  2. Twin A was more visible and showing off how much he takes after his dad – with that crazy similar profile! (Ah!)
  3. Celebrating two healthy baby boys after our anatomy scan and gender reveal!
  4. Our behind the scenes set up for last month’s Stitch Fix post… and some impromptu dance moves… as you do. 🙂
  5. Just a typical day at the Tyler house. I mean, seriously. What the heck! haha
  6. These two. 🙂



  1. We have the sweetest clients!! Check out that escort card at Jenn & Tim’s wedding! You know I saved that champagne for after the boys arrive!
  2. Fall tablescapes make me happy.
  3. Why yes, I’m wearing James’ onesie pajamas from a theme party we attended years ago. 🙂
  4. Someone has a serious disdain for cardboard boxes. For reals.
  5. Backyard progress!! It’s hard to see from here – but there is about twice as much cleared closer to the house that you can’t see!
  6. I had a rough day reading too many pre-term labor horror stories online. (Whhhhyyy do I do that to myself?!) And I fixed my anxiety by hitting up Carter’s for the first time since I’ve been pregnant and splurging on some adorable little boy clothes… the first things I’ve bought for the boys. 🙂 You know I couldn’t resist the dog onesie!



  1. House progress inside!! I think our living & dining rooms are finally done!! Bookshelf and mirror (not pictured) were the final pieces!
  2. These two are always keeping an eye on me lately. 🙂
  3. Me and my road dog. She’s so patient with me on walks and has been so good about cutting back our mileage to accommodate my current status. 😉
  4. Sometimes the perfect portrait presents itself in your office. hehe
  5. Someone finally discovered the joy of sleeping in the recliners in the front window!
  6. The homemade donut obsession lately is REAL. I can’t stop making these! It’s a problem. (21 weeks 2 days here!)



  1. Oh, and bagels, lots of bagels. (Some things never change.) We stopped at Chicago Bagel Authority on our way to our fetal echo appointment – and are happy to report the boy’s hearts looked great and we no longer need to see the cardiologist!
  2. Did I mention I have this weird craving for Wendy’s 1/4 lb cheeseburgers? I’m not a big fast food person and honestly don’t know if I ever had a Wendy’s burger other than ONCE in my life before being pregnant?! Lately I’ll get this serious craving for them and I just have to have them! I think I need the protein. haha. That’s my guess.
  3. I got my hair did! About time! (21 weeks 6 days here)
  4. The current status of our upstairs. Ahhhhh. I just keep reminding myself it will all be settled soon!
  5. Stairs. Arrrrgh.
  6. Sweet friends keep surprising us with their twin hand-me-downs and we are so grateful!!!



  1. 22 week bump. It’s starting to get more serious!
  2. We finally got a shower door installed in our crazy tiny upstairs bathroom (where a curtain couldn’t fit) – so now we can finally use it!
  3. I mean. The love is real. 🙂 hehe
  4. Our backyard on November 22nd! We had the craziest first snowstorm of the year at Michelle & Johnny’s wedding on the 21st! So pretty!
  5. Sometimes everything hits you at once and you’re making breakfast on a cozy, snowy Sunday morning and you can’t stop crying happy tears because you are so grateful. That.
  6. And then you follow up breakfast with a nap in the sun with your pup.



  1. IKEA cabinets are overwhelming!! Upon bringing this home we quickly realized we should maybe add constructing and installing these to the list for our contractors…
  2. And so we did… thank goodness for Nick!
  3. Snowy walks with Chloe.
  4. Chloe was forced to hang out in my office all day while the contractors were here for a week and she got bored with it, to say the least. haha.
  5. Stretching me to what feels like the max – but lord knows we have a ways to go!! Eeeps! (22 weeks 4 days here)
  6. Again with these two lovebirds. Awwww.



  1. On our way to Thanksgiving!! Certainly in a better place than we were a year ago on this same drive. So thankful.
  2. Chloe thinks she’s a cat and also loved Uncle George. No surprise there!
  3. Twohig Turkey Trot!! Love this family tradition and I even managed to walk the whole 2.1 mile route with James, which was quite the accomplishment since I haven’t been walking more than a mile at a time for a month or so.
  4. Thanksgiving fooooooood. Me and the boys were SO happy.
  5. Also – PIE! (23 weeks here!)
  6. Then… NAP!



  1. I barely picked up my camera this year, which was a welcome change – since we definitely need some time of this year… I just couldn’t get into the photo zone when I was so happy to be relaxing! Anyway – this is one of like 3 photos of James and I at Thanksgiving. Clearly we are not good photo subjects. haha. Hence we are on the other side of the camera!
  2. Cheering on the Packers, but no luck! ARGH.
  3. Traditions got moved around a bit this year because we had a smaller than normal crew and a night Packer game on Thanksgiving… meant we went bowling Friday afternoon instead! I smuggled a bowling ball out in my shirt. 🙂 (23 weeks 1 day here)
  4. James had a fancy drink at the new (and only) restaurant in my tiny hometown. 🙂
  5. Chloe always trying to steal my ice cream!
  6. Family walk around my hometown. So peaceful!



  1. More hand-me-down love from one of my favorite twin mamas!! We are SO thankful!!!
  2. We got back from Thanksgiving early Sunday and I got right to prepping the house for our Lighting workshop in a week!!! First up was taking down the fall decor and getting up a few Christmas decorations!
  3. Next was FINALLY unpacking the back room!! James set up the pantry shelving and I got right to it. Here’s one side…
  4. … here’s the other. (We need more decor & possibly a rug under the table back here – but for now – it isn’t full of boxes!!! It’s a miracle!!!)
  5. The “after” view of the little kitchen addition!! We don’t have counters yet (those are just a few shelves sitting on top until the quartz arrives) and need to get the floating shelves & art hung (hence the painters tape marking where they’ll go) – but it’s almost done!
  6. The snow melted and James got back in the yard to finish a few things… Chloe was not impressed. She just couldn’t believe dad would leave her inside!! Torture!!



Whew!!! It was a productive November all around! Can you tell we are officially in crunch mode for house prep?! I guess it is good to have a deadline – because we’re just tackling it one things on the to-do list after the other!! Next up… finally getting the upstairs, and most importantly – the nursery in order!

Happy December everybody!! We are looking forward to another restful, healthy, and productive month! xoxo

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