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Looking for something to do with your snow day? Why not eat terribly unhealthy food with no redeeming nutritional value… You know, something like – homemade donuts!
That’s what James and I did today anyways. 🙂 And now I’m on some sort of crazy sugar high like I’ve never been on before. Pure sugar + carbs + oil, on an empty stomach – can do some crazy things to a girl! haha 🙂
Here’s how you can get the sugar rush too! 🙂
Get a tube of Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits. I suppose if you’re especially fancy (or you don’t have the biscuits and you’re snowed in) – you could probably make biscuits from scratch instead.


Cut them into whatever shapes you’d like. I cut ours into quarters with a pizza cutter to make donut holes. If you have kids it’s fun to make different shapes, letters, etc, with them! 🙂

Mix cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. (I didn’t measure – I just mixed until it tasted good. ha ha)

Heat about 2 inches of oil in a pan on medium heat. I used canola oil – since that’s what we had on hand.
You can tell the oil is ready if you wet your hand and flick your fingers so a tiny bit of water splashes into the oil. It will pop and bubble when it’s ready to go. (There may be a real way to tell when oil is ready – but this is what I do – so that’s what I’m telling you! 🙂 Sorry if there are any real cooks out there who have legit methods and you’re angrily shaking your head at me right now…)  🙂
Gently put some biscuits in the oil – but leave a bit of room so they can swim and breathe. Remember – they will expand when they heat up! 🙂
Keep an eye on them as they cook. When the portion of the biscuit in the oil turns golden brown – use some sort of utensil to flip the little guys so the other side can get brown too. 🙂
 When the little guys are nicely browned all around – remove them with a strainer.

Drop them onto a plate covered in paper towel to remove a bit of the oil.

Immediately drop them a couple at a time into the cinnamon/sugar mixture. (If you wait too long the mixture won’t stick to the donut as well!) Shake them around until the entire donut is covered in delicious cinnamony-sweet goodness.
 And now your super-easy, fabulous, homemade donuts are ready to devour! 🙂


 Have one! Have two! Share with friends! 🙂 Eat ’em up! 🙂

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