chicago blizzard of 2011

James and I woke up nice and early yesterday to go check out what the blizzard had left us. We wanted to get out and see things before everybody had shoveled and trampled all over the pretty, new snow. It doesn’t look pretty like that for long in Chicago – so we got to it quickly! 
Here are pics from our adventures. 🙂 (If you follow me on facebook – you already saw these – sorry for the repeat!) 🙂 

 Our completely snowed in street… 🙂

 The main street on our corner (Broadway) was plowed, but you couldn’t get on or off it with a car! ha ha

 Yes, we saw a few runners. They were hardcore.

I think all dogs love the snow except Phoenix. She is seriously freaked out by it. She gets her business done and goes back inside. Not these pups – they loved it!
The wind got so wicked as we got closer to Lake Shore Drive… J is struggling to walk a bit in this one! ha ha

 Pausing for a moment in a doorway – to get a break from the wind.

 The Lake Shore Drive end of our block – completely clear because of the wind!

 Not a car on Lake Shore Drive… it was totally shut down. Kind of eerie.

 Well, except for the tow trucks – taking the hundreds of stranded cars off the road.

 Snow drift. Me in snow drift. 🙂

 James peacefully wandering about…

 The harbor…

I forced James into some self-timer pics. He hates me for these every time. 🙂 But I request them regardless.
 (Seriously – does he look miserable or what?! haha)

(He’s much happier when it’s not on self-timer… )  🙂
More and more cars getting towed… 

 Speaking of cars. Here are both of ours! HA!

 Love these pics J snapped of me jumping in… snow flying everywhere!

 So peaceful. The city was quiet. It’s never quiet here.

And then the snow picked up again…
 And then it REALLY started!

Hope you all are staying warm and cozy with your loved ones in this crazy weather! 🙂

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