The Twin’s Gender Reveal!! ~ Pregnancy Week 20

I have behind the scenes photos from October to share with you guys next week – but for now we’re going to skip forward and hop right to what everyone has been waiting for (including us!!) – the gender reveal of our twins!!

We had our full anatomy scan yesterday, and we are SO HAPPY to say that both Little Buddies are healthy and on track! We were just praying praying praying that all was well with them, and are so grateful there were no issues that the doctor saw. It was so amazing getting to see them in such detail from head to toe, and figuring out how each one is positioned in my belly (which made sense of where the kicks are coming from that I’ve been feeling lately)! 🙂

Anyway – I’m sure you all want to get to it… so on to the reveal photos!!

We are announcing one baby at a time below while holding the little high top shoes we’ve had for the babies since long before we knew what we were having – one pair since when we first started trying for a baby years & years ago – and one from a good friend who sent us another pair as a gift when we announced we were having twins!


So… Here we go!!! Whose little feet will fill these shoes?!

twin gender reveal for ivf success_0001twin gender reveal for ivf success_0002


Twin A is….

twin gender reveal for ivf success_0003


Twin B is…

twin gender reveal for ivf success_0004


Ahhh!! Two crazy little Tyler boys!!

twin gender reveal for ivf success_0005twin gender reveal for ivf success_0006


We are so excited and so happy!! Thank you again for all your support and love throughout this journey! We are finally letting this really sink in and so hopeful that all will continue to go well. Stay tuned with more updates, and make sure to follow on Instagram for the regular updates!

p.s. We promise that Chloe is waaaay more excited about all of this than she appears in these photos! 😉 hahaha

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