Stitch Fix Review ~ Maternity Edition (20 weeks with twins)

I took a break from Stitch Fix early on in my pregnancy because I didn’t really know what to expect and wanted to hold off on buying any regular new clothes since I knew (or hoped anyway) that I would outgrow them soon!

So once my belly started to pop I thought I’d give it a try again since I was getting a bit desperate for maternity clothes and had no idea where to start! I’m excited to say that I am sooo happy with my first maternity version of Stitch Fix!! As usual, I tried everything on and James took some photos of me so you all can help me decide what to keep and what to send back!! 🙂


Piece 1: Rune – Porter Maternity Legging

First Impression: I could use a good pair of comfy leggings… I really hope these aren’t see-through like the cheap ones I shouldn’t have bought! 😉

Final Thoughts: YESSS – nice opaque leggings with a full panel and great stretch! Maternity staple… I’m pretty sure?!


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0001


Piece 2: Loveappella Maternity – Deschutes Lace Detail Maternity Knit Top

First Impression: This could be cute! Love the color and the lace details!

Final Thoughts: I think it’s pretty darn cute! My only worry is that I might outgrow this pretty quickly, even though it is a maternity top – it’s pretty snug!


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0002


Piece 3: RD Style – Killian Cowl Neck Sweater

First Impression: I feel like they always try to send me this style of sweaters and I never really love them on me…

Final Thoughts: Hmm…. I don’t know – I just never really feel these on myself!? This isn’t a maternity top – but could work for maternity and obviously after, but I’m just not sure I love it.


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0003


Piece 4: Leota Maternity – Dariah Maternity Abstract Faux Wrap Dress

First Impression: Could be cute – but I don’t really have a need for this dress right now…

Final Thoughts: I think it is cute enough, but don’t totally love the pattern, and more importantly am not sure I really have anywhere to where this enough that it would be worth getting.


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0004


Piece 5: Tart Maternity – Sanai Striped French Terry Maternity Dress

First Impression: Ooooo…. stripes are calling my name, as always!

Final Thoughts: This is a bit snug, but I gather it is made to fit that way… and I think I love it?? It could be cute with a scarf and my tall brown boots for fall. Maybe a good maternity photo dress? I don’t know!


Stitch Fix Maternity Review by Christy Tyler Photography_0005


So, what do you guys think?! What should I keep and what should I send back?!

By the way – if you’re interested in trying out Stitch Fix yourself – use this link:

Have a wonderful weekend everybody! We’re off to shoot an awesome couple’s wedding tomorrow! XOXO

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