June 2015 Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

I really thought time would drag much more slowly than it did – but thanks to a crazy busy June (in the best kind of way) – suddenly here we are and it is July!!! I have to say – I didn’t do a Summer Bucket List (yet) this year and was debating on doing it or not, but now I’m feeling like I really need to because we are already well into summer and I haven’t done anything extra summer-y!! I have these ideas of things I want to do (paddle boarding, movies in the park, etc) – and I’m afraid the whole summer might zip by before we even think twice about getting out and doing some different things than normal!!! Ah!

Anyway – James claims that our Summer Bucket List is getting pregnant (fingers crossed that today’s frozen embryo transfer goes as we are praying it does!) and buying our first home/moving!! He does have a point, I suppose. Those are two pretty huge Life Bucket List items that we are hoping to tackle all within a couple of months – so there’s that. haha. But still! I want to go paddle boarding, eat ice cream, go to a concert, and lots more… Is that too much to ask?! haha.

Anyway – moving on… let’s look at what last month looked like before we roll right into the rest of summer!


June means that I obsessively photograph every peony I stumbled upon. Seriously. It’s a compulsion. haha




June was also full of lots of injections in preparation for our embryo transfer. Most of the time it was no big deal – sometimes I had some nasty bruises that hung around for waaaay too long! June also apparently was the month of pancakes covered in fruit – LOTS OF FRUIT. Yum!!!




We officially began the search for our first house in June, and that meant I became a total creep and started photographing people’s yards, fences, landscaping, fire pits, slate tile work, and front steps – looking for inspiration for our future home! haha. Sometimes I just can’t find what I’m looking for on Pinterest – so I have to look in real life and snap a photo so I don’t forget! 😉




1. In June James’ godson, Andrew, was baptized!!! It was such a beautiful day and such an honor to be a part of! How cute are those two together?! Aww!!
2. James and I did our best to enjoy some quiet non-work time together on a few date nights.
3. I was a little stressed out and being a punk, and so James brought me home tulips!!! I mean… that definitely made me feel better, but is a dangerous precedent to set!! Be a punk = get flowers! 😉
4. Working our tails off so we could take some time off in late June during our time in California! Chloe was my sidekick – as always – there for moral support while I worked all hours!
5. I’ve been art supply obsessed for as long as I can remember – so it was natural for me to come back to my roots and get some adult coloring books and fancy colored pencils! This art kid is one happy camper!!!
6. In case you missed it – we were out in Carmel/Monterey Bay/Big Sur area for a wedding in June and took a few extra days to explore afterwards!! You can see the full post here!!




We weren’t even home for a week when we got the incredibly difficult news that one of James’ uncles had passed away unexpectedly. He hopped on a plane the very next morning at 5am to head to South Carolina to be with his family for four days. I felt awful I couldn’t go with him, but had fertility appointments and shoots here that I couldn’t miss… so I held down the fort while James went to help out and be with his family. I honestly cannot remember the last time we were separated for more than a night (and can’t even really remember that!) – so it was hard being apart. We are basically together 24/7 and it was quite the adjustment for me (and Chloe)! I can’t even begin to tell you how exhausted I was by the time James got home! I realized more than ever what a vital part of our business he is and that I cannot do this without him!! Oh my gosh – trying to keep up with everything he would normally do AND my stuff AND handling wearing out this crazy energetic pup everyday was no easy task. Whew. I even caved and took her to Pet Smart just so she could get out of the house and socialize a bit – and spoiled her with a new toy to take home! haha. The good news is – it worked!! See how tired she is in that last pic?! Thank goodness!




There you have it – our June wrap-up! I can’t believe how quickly it all flew by and really would be okay with time slowing down just a little bit the rest of the summer so we can get out and enjoy more of it!! Here’s to a wonderful July (fingers crossed)!! XOXO

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