Leaving on a Jet Plane ~ Big Sur Wedding Photographer

We are hitting the air today, friends!! Some of you may remember Eric & Aya, who came all the way from Tokyo to get engaged in Chicago last summer (although Aya had no idea at the time, obviously)! We are so honored that they asked us to be a part of their wedding day as well, and will be documenting them saying I Do in Carmel this weekend!

I’ve been wanting to visit this part of the country for quite a while now, so we were really excited to have a darn good reason to visit the area and decided to take a few extra days after the wedding to explore and just BE. Things have been a little crazy early on this wedding season with weddings every weekend and shoots each week for a while now. (And we decided to start house shopping… because we may have lost our minds?! haha!! It actually hasn’t been stressful – just waaaaay more time consuming than I realized!) So naturally, as always happens before travel – this past week has been pretty much non-stop work and late nights playing catch-up (and hurry-up) before we leave town so that we are on top of all our work before we take a little break! Anyway – I’m positive it will all be well worth it when we get to California and can truly relax for the first time in quite a while!!!

I’m hoping this is just what we need in the middle of everything we’ve been going through, and just before we get back home and do all our final preps for our frozen embryo transfer in a couple of weeks. I cannot get over how quickly time is flying and am really trying hard to relax and enjoy each moment (though I’m not the greatest at that a lot of the time during wedding season).

So we will see you guys back here on the blog late next week when we get back! In the meantime, make sure to follow along over on Instagram for all the trip photos and travel fun!!!

No post is good without some photos – so here are a few film photos from our last California trip to they Bay Area! You know darn well I packed my film camera again and am bringing that beauty along for our personal photos on the trip!



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