Behind the Scenes of The Workshop ~ Chicago Photography Workshop

It took me a full week to rest up and recover after a truly amazing couple of days last week hosting our 4th annual CTP Workshop!!! We had eight lovely ladies (our 9th attendee got stuck in Seattle thanks to plane delays & cancellations and couldn’t make it!) join us in Chicago for the 2-day intensive workshop. There is really nothing like teaching other people what we have learned along this crazy journey and watching them take that knowledge and chase down their dreams!! We had such a diverse group of women this time around – some with established businesses, some just starting out, some leaning towards humanitarian photography, and some wanting to be wedding photographers!! It was the perfect mix of personalities and I absolutely LOVED getting to know each one of these truly fabulous women, and learning from them as well!!!

As always, I couldn’t help but get choked up throughout the process … I absolutely love sharing my heart with other people, and feel there is nothing like being 100% open, honest, and vulnerable with others… and it almost always results in tears in my case. LOL. I can’t help it!!! These women opened their hearts to the group and shared their dreams and why they want to make this their life. It was so incredibly inspiring and I really cannot wait to see where they each go from here!!!

Here is a look behind the scenes from our time together, along with head shots of each gorgeous attendee! 🙂


Day 1 is all things BUSINESS!!! It is a crazy amount of information and pretty mentally exhausting – but I love it!!! 10-11 hours of content packed into one day! Whew!


Chloe got lots of love during our break times!!! She is such a sucker for attention! I mean… SERIOUSLY! haha!


After wrapping up the night with Chicago style pizza & wine – we all went home and crashed!!!

Day 2 was held at City View Lofts and we covered all things PHOTOGRAPHY!! Light, posing, interacting with clients, off-camera flash, and more!! (Big thanks to one of the attendees, Christine Anderson, for the 3 photos below!! I forgot to get a group photo of everybody – so the 3rd photo is the best I have of almost everyone!)


Part of Day 2 is hands on instruction of how I pose & direct clients – which is often times best learned when you’re the one being directed!! Here are some of the head shots I took of each gorgeous lady!


Then the ladies partnered up and practiced on each other!


And of course – the day wrapped up with a STUNNING couple modeling as a bride & groom for us – and with a gorgeous styled shoot put together by Loreen from Clementine Custom Events & Reenie Rose!! (You can see more from that shoot here for now!!)



I seriously cannot wait to do this again!!! We’re contemplating adding another one of these so we will host 2x a year… but are waiting to see if there’s enough interest (and time in our schedules) first!! So definitely let me know if you’re interested in attending and I can keep you on a list to be notified first!!! XOXO!

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