Digging Myself Out + A Look at The Workshop by Christy Tyler Photography

Hugest apologies for the radio silence over here this week you guys!!! Oh my gosh – I preach on being consistent with your posts in my workshop, and here I am without a single post up yet this week!!! Ah!! (I also preach on showing yourself grace and being kind to yourself…. which is what I did this week as I was digging myself out of a crazy overwhelming inbox when I got back to the office Tuesday afternoon instead of scrambling to get a blog up.)

Anyway – that being said – I just had to pop in here and get something up because I’m dying to share at least a sneak peek from our styled shoot from The Workshop!!! Sunday was all business talk at our house (almost 12 hours of info – ah!) and Monday was all the pretty at City View Lofts!! We went over all things lighting, posing, and shooting! I have SO MUCH MORE to share from the workshop – including behind the scenes photos and all my thoughts about everything… but for now, I just had to share a glimpse at the styled shoot.

Hugest shout out ever to Loreen from Reenie Rose & Clementine Custom Events!!! In the past I was way too hands-on for planning the styled shoot portion of the workshop and it made it incredibly hard for me to focus on prepping the curriculum and everything else I have going on as I prepare to host our workshop. So this year Loreen ever so graciously agreed to take on the role of stylist/planner 100% and it was seriously so amazing!!! She rounded up all the vendors who she thought would be a great fit and put together the most BEAUTIFUL inspiration shoot based solely on a Pinterest board I came up with!! I was completely blown away and overwhelmed by all the gorgeous details… and don’t even get me started on how ridiculously stunning the real life couple was she found to model for us, Julissa + DJ!!! OH.MY.WORD.


But enough chatter from me – let’s just get to the sneak peek!!! (So much more pretty to come – so stay tuned!)

And a huge thank you to the amazing team of vendors!!

Planner/Stylist­: Loreen Hospodar (Clementine Custom Events & Reenie Rose)
Florals:­ Fab Flora (Jori Foreman)
Invitations and Dishware­:  Sarah Drake Design
Calligraphy Envelopes and Place Cards:­ Stacey Shapiro
Hair/Makeup­: Debbie Petrielli
Bridal Gowns:­ Dame Couture




I can’t wait to share more once we get this published!! 🙂 xoxo

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