August Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Oh hey birthday month!! How are you?! 😉

But before I go loving on September too much – let’s take a look at our wonderful month of August – in which we shot two weddings, a handful of sessions, and enjoyed a 3-week summer break/shooting hiatus, in which I did my best to catch up on work, spend as much time as possible with family and friends, and took a trip to the Pacific Northwest (which you all saw in photos last week)!

But enough chit chat – here is our month in photos! 🙂 (We had a lot more behind the scenes action in August – so we have a lot more behind the scenes pics!)


1. Love coming home to this view!

2. Happy face after making it through a crazy busy first half of our wedding season and to our summer break!

3. Beach day!

4. Off to Wisconsin we go to drop Chloe off at my parents’!

5. Hey Seattle!

6. Seattle sunsets did not disappoint!



1. The Great Wheel with my love!

2. And many other people I love!!! 🙂

3. And the Great Wheel from the ground – looking all fabulous.

4. Oh the food in Seattle. THE FOOD!!! (so. good.)

5. Did I mention all the coffee?!

6. And markets with fresh food and flowers… made for a happy Christy.



1. James supporting a local artist at the market. Go ahead!

2. Half of our faces and the market sign. haha. Selfie fail!

3. What $5 of flowers looks like! I was way happier about it than I look in this photo – I swear! 😉

4. I was at least as equally happy as I was in this jumping pic at Cannon Beach!!


6. The view from our rental on the Oregon coast. Perfection. (We will be back!)



1. Football along the ocean is always a good idea.

2. Hey pretty Oregon nature!

3. Chelsea having another one of her classic laughing so hard she starts crying fits during a game of Cards Against Humanity. The best! haha

4. Oh yes. That is all.

5. Goodbye Pacific Northwest!!

6. Hello my parents heading to their first game at Wrigley!! (Go Brewers!!!)



1. We may cheer for different teams, but at least we can agree on beer! 😉

2. My love love.

3. I was happy to see Chloe, so naturally I had to harass her.

4. And bury her in all the things left on our bed.

5. Brother love! Can’t believe Rich is 44!!! Say what?!

6. Just another morning at the Tyler house! 😉 lol



1. Look who made it to Chicago!!!

2. And who loooooves them some Chloe!

3. Almost as much as Chloe loves beef jerky. haha

4. And squirrels.

5. And going to the beach. (She pulls so hard to get to the beach that we are afraid she’ll hurt herself so James picked her up! hahaha)

6. Happy beach dog in her element!



1. And an adorable beach babe in her element! 😉

2. Until we got lightening-ed out of the beach… that is.

3. We cured our beach blues with ice cream.  Duh.

4. And burgers… as you do. 😉

5. And legos in the sun.

6. And ended the day with some fun at the local park with the neighborhood kids!



1. I couldn’t resist this family pic – walking into the beautiful afternoon light!

2. Loving on Chloe, per usual.

3. A little downtime with his mama.

4. And basketball time with their uncle J!

5. And tree climbing time with her aunt C!

6. Wedding season kicked off again and off to Madison we went! Nothing like a beer with your buddy after a long day of work! haha



1. Then we met up with the kiddos (because clearly we can’t get enough of them, or ice cream)!

2. It was HOT. Soooo SO HOT, so we thought $5 entry to the local pool was totally worth it! Smart decision! (Handsome husband!)

3. Pool selfie. Woot woot. 😉

4. Where’s Chloe?

5. She loves to bury herself under the covers by our butts when she sleeps. Seriously. She couldn’t get much further up there! haha

6. Closing out the month with one last day at the dog beach over the long holiday weekend! Perfection!



What a month! Seriously so refreshing to see so much of people we love, and now we are so ready to tackle the rest of busy season!!! Fall, here we come! 😉 xoxo


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