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Seattle ~ Pacific Northwest Trip in Film

This week is going to be a slew of film photos of our trip to the Pacific Northwest!!! We only took our Mamiya film camera and our iPhones on this trip – which was a refreshingly light load to carry compared to normal! I did my best to shoot everything in film, but we have a decent...

Josh + Martha ~ Eugene Film Photography

And last but not least in our Pacific Northwest film photos is the session I did with my brother Josh and his girlfriend, Martha!! As soon as we planned the trip I informed them that I was going to make them let me photograph them in film while I was there because I’d been itching...

Pacific Northwest ~ Summer Break

Hello, friends!! In case you missed my other posts about it – we are out of the office enjoying a summer break!! My younger brothers both just moved to Seattle and Eugene, so we are making a little road trip of the Pacific Northwest and documenting our travels on the way (of course)! I didn’t...

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