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I really feel like I should break this down into more posts – but I have so many other goodies coming to the blog (including a gorgeous wedding) – that I feel the need to consolidate our film photos a bit! 😉 So although we did a little mini session in the middle of our time in Oregon – I’m going to go ahead and just put all that goodness right in this post! 😉

I left off yesterday with us leaving Seattle in a rental car with my cousin Chelsea and her boyfriend, Derek, with our ultimate destination being Eugene, Oregon to visit my brother Josh and his girlfriend, Martha! Because it is quite a hike and because I was determined to see the Oregon coast – we decided to make more of a trip out of it and drove to Cannon Beach from Seattle, spent the night Sunday in Rockaway Beach, and THEN headed over to Eugene Monday!

So let’s get going with the photos… starting with our stop at Cannon Beach!



Naturally I forced Chelsea & Derek into doing a couple’s session with me while we were there! 😉 Obviously – they rocked it – being the adorably in-love couple they are!


I couldn’t resist posting this last one of Derek. haha


Then I gave Chelsea a quick lesson on how to focus & recompose a shot (using rule of thirds) and took turns getting the settings locked in for her and had her turn the camera on James and I! This first one is a bit out of focus, but I still like it for some reason. 🙂 She killed it on the others! (Thanks Chelsea! It’s so nice to have nice pics of us from the trip – even if we were all greasy from our long car ride and wearing our travel day outfits – which you can especially tell from J’s gym clothes & shoes! haha)


James was over being told what pose to do – and so he just went crazy for one. haha! This ended up being one of my favorites below!


Then we found a nice lady to take our group pic before we headed out to dinner in Cannon Beach!


It was dark by the time we got to the condo we rented on Rockaway Beach for the night so we couldn’t really see the view (but we could hear the ocean – so we knew it was close)! So we were super happy when we woke up Monday morning to this gorgeous view!!


Naturally we hit the beach for a bit to play some football, frisbee, and just enjoy the ocean air before hopping in the car for another long drive!




Then we headed to Eugene to Josh & Martha’s place!! We bought a bunch of growlers of local (delicious) beer, ordered pizza, and spent the night relaxing and playing Cards Against Humanity! We were slow to move the next day and headed to brunch at Off the Waffle (OH MY YUM)!! (That’s Chelsea’s “I’m deeply enjoying this meal” face. LOL)


Somehow we were still hungry after a late late brunch and of course had to walk over to none other than Voo Doo Doughnut! It. Was. AMAZING. For the curious we got – maple bacon, Portland cream (I believe?), blueberry cake donut, old fashioned donut, apple fritter, and some peanut butter rice krispie deliciousness. 🙂


Then we wandered over to the farmers market where I used up the last two frames of my roll of film. 🙂 I was so impressed with all the organic options (and totally jealous, to be honest)!



Yay Oregon!!! We loved it!! Next up tomorrow to wrap up our PNW film posts is Josh & Martha’s session in Eugene!!!


**These were all shot on my Mamiya 645 using Tri-X 400, and Porta 400 & 800.

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