Seattle ~ Pacific Northwest Trip in Film

This week is going to be a slew of film photos of our trip to the Pacific Northwest!!! We only took our Mamiya film camera and our iPhones on this trip – which was a refreshingly light load to carry compared to normal! I did my best to shoot everything in film, but we have a decent amount of iPhone pics too – which I’m sure many of you saw in our #TylersTakePNW hashtag on Instagram!

To keep things simple – the posts this week are going to be only our film photos from the trip & then I may do one big iPhone photo post as well (because you know I can’t help myself since this blog is equal parts my personal photo journal as it is business/photo talk)!

So here we go!!

We flew into Seattle on Friday evening and walked over to Belltown to grab dinner with my brother, Will. Then we slept in HARD on Saturday after a loooong travel day on Friday and finally made our way down the street for breakfast and delicious coffee at Cafe Senso Unico. (We had nothing but delicious coffee in Seattle, and didn’t go to Starbucks once! ;-))



Then we took a nice 5+ mile walk all over the city’s waterfront & downtown to get a better feel of Seattle – which was gorgeous!



I love the broad base on my Mamiya because it makes it easy to take self-timer selfies if we find a solid ledge to put it on!! Yay!


We went back to the hotel, swam, napped, and then got ready for a night in the city with Will, my cousin Chelsea, and her boyfriend, Derek! First stop – the Great Wheel (which we happened to hit exactly at sunset – so pretty!!!), followed by the most delicious dinner at Six Seven Restaurant! (Thanks for both of the fabulous recommendations Lauren!)


The next morning was our last in Seattle, and I insisted we couldn’t leave without at least hitting up the market – and so a very sleepy James agreed (much to my shock!) and off to the market we went!!!



You know I bought a $5 bunch of flowers while we were there!!! Best $5 value ever!! Oh my gosh! (You’ll see more pics of that in the iPhone post. ;-))

From there we met up with Chelsea and Derek again, said goodbye to Will – and headed on our road-trip portion of the trip to the coast of Oregon!!! Check the blog tomorrow for our coastal Oregon pics!!!


**I’ve learned that I’m not a big fan of Fuji 400h. Although the entire world of film photographers appears to worship this film, it just doesn’t do it for me. I had a couple rolls left to use up so I brought them along on this trip – not really thinking about what the results would look like – and I’m not going to lie – I was kind of disappointed with these pics (compared to the colors I saw in real life)! I know it is personal preference – but let’s just say I’m super excited to share the Porta & Tri-X pics I took on the remainder of our trip! So make sure to tune in for those posts!!! xoxo 🙂

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