Josh + Martha ~ Eugene Film Photography

And last but not least in our Pacific Northwest film photos is the session I did with my brother Josh and his girlfriend, Martha!! As soon as we planned the trip I informed them that I was going to make them let me photograph them in film while I was there because I’d been itching to do more film work. They happily obliged and we headed to a beautiful rose garden in Eugene for their session! It was more of a gray overcast day than we had at Cannon Beach for our other shoot – so it was interesting to see how the film took to the different types of light!

Here are some of my favorites!!



My brother is a dork. haha. I couldn’t help but include this one below!



Aren’t they the cutest?! So happy and in love!!! Aww! 🙂


**Shot with Porta 800 & Tri-x 400

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