Baby Jordan ~ Chicago Newborn Photography

As those of you who have been following the blog for quite a while know – I go waaaaay back with Irene & Michael! I’ve been lucky enough to be along for their entire journey from dating, to proposal, to doggie, to engagement photos, to their wedding… and now BABY!!! (Quite possibly the most adorable little baby EVER, but did you really expect anything else from such beautiful people?!)

I got to meet little Jordan during my shooting hiatus this August and obviously made an exception to my no-shooting rule – because exceptions should clearly be made for such adorableness!!! Welcome to the world little dude, you are already SO LOVED!

(For some reason I just really loved these in black & white so I went with all black & white for this post … I couldn’t help myself. :))




I cannot handle the cute!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for one stunner of a wedding on the blog!!! You won’t want to miss it!



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