Sunday Bloody (Mary) Sunday

Sundays are usually marked as days “off” around here. But given that I write my blog posts the night before they go live, I obviously have to work on Sundays in order to get a post up for Monday.

Normally (because I have little to no self-control) I sit down to blog and end up working much longer than expected. I think of something that needs to be done… and then something else… and something else… and the next thing I know I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of work. And it is not really a day off at all. Not even close.

But yesterday. Yesterday was different.

I was a special kind of exhausted after a long wedding day outside in the heat on Saturday, and just needed a day to recharge. We slept in later than normal, made a big breakfast, relaxed on the couch together, and had a nice quiet Sunday. We went to a friend’s going away party, and out to dinner together.

We drank Bloody Mary’s and beer, enjoyed dinner on a patio on a perfectly comfortable summer night, and reconnected outside of being business partners. It was Sunday. And it was wonderful.




(Back to regularly scheduled programming later this week… i.e. beautiful weddings, engagements, and crazy-in-love couples!!!) Happy Monday, friends! xoxo

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