FAQ: Ona Camera Bag Review ~ Wedding Photography Gear

I did a post about a year and a half ago talking about all the gear we use, which actually, just within a year a lot has changed – so maybe I should do an update post! Anyway, along with camera gear changes since then, we’ve gotten two new Ona camera bags as well!

This first one (the ONA Union Street Messenger Bag in Ranger Tan) we bought for James last summer for times we needed to fly to weddings so he had something he could bring as a ‘personal item’ on the plane that fit his camera, lenses, and laptop – so that all our lighting and less breakable gear could go in our Think Tank bag in the overhead compartment.

Overall I really love this bag for what we use it for (casual use and travel). It fits J’s computer and gear well and is super durable. The main thing (that isn’t a huge deal) that bothers me about it is that this color doesn’t look like the “Ranger Tan” online. As you’ll see below, the color is much lighter and not quite as dressy looking as I thought it would be in person. (We had hoped to use it on weddings days when necessary, but it is a little too casual for that I think… at least for our style.)




Overall though – it does the job for what we need and love it for those purposes!




Next up is the ONA Chelsea Bag in black which I bought just last week to replace my Kelly Moore 2 Sues bag when the strap just snapped off in the middle of a wedding! haha! I had been eyeing a ONA woman’s bag for a while, so this was a good excuse to upgrade! 😉 I’ve only used the bag for one wedding so far – but I absolutely LOVE it! It is such high quality, beautiful leather, and a really sturdy, structured bag. It stands on its own when set down, and fits all of my gear with room to spare!!




I love it so much I almost want to use it as a regular purse when I’m not shooting! haha

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