Kids on Film ~ Chicago Film Photographer

When we were home over Easter I decided to pull out my Mamiya and shoot a roll of the kids goofing off! (I should note: I hadn’t fully anticipated how difficult and frustrating that might be… haha! Props to any family photographers out there who shoot film!)

As I was getting the camera set up my littlest nephew and niece were super intrigued by what on earth this “film” thing was I spoke of. I tried my best to explain it to a generation of kids who expect to see photos 1 second after you take them… and it didn’t quite register I don’t think. Next time I see them I plan to bring the negatives and prints so they can see a little more hands on what I meant. (Hopefully!)

Anyway, as they always do – the kids really wanted to try to take some photos themselves. I’m all about these three falling in love with photography – so I was happy to oblige (although I don’t think they understood that there were only 16 frames to shoot before we were done)! haha

Here are some of the kids’ pics… Mass insanity, but I’m so impressed they’re in focus!




Clearly nobody wanted to pose for their siblings! They’d rather sabotage their pics by acting nuts! haha




How awkward can I look while holding still for what felt like an hour while littlest nephew focused the camera? 😉 LOL




And here are a few I took… clearly they were stoked about me taking their pics AGAIN. 😉





They decided piling on Uncle James would be fun! 🙂





I cannot wait to see these cuties for a few days over the 4th of July!! Yay for a little break in our busy summer season to see family and friends! 🙂

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