Beth, Brett, and Baby Kate ~ Madison Newborn Photography

I’m sure you remember Beth and Brett from their beautiful maternity session a month or so ago… yes?! After photographing them in the most gorgeous golden sunset I’d seen in a while and seeing how crazy these two are about each other – not to mention how excited they were to welcome a little one to their family – I was so, SO excited for this sure to be amazing newborn session over Mother’s Day weekend.

Beth was so sweet in the days leading up to the session because she knew I’d be getting the results from our first IUI the day before the session, so she wanted to make sure I knew it was okay if I had to reschedule because I couldn’t handle photographing a newborn that day. I assured her that regardless of the results, babies make me HAPPY and I would be there no matter what. That Friday, as all of you know by now… we found out once again that we were not pregnant. Friday was a hard day, and to be honest, I questioned my ability to keep it together at a newborn session the next day, but once again – I surprised myself. By Saturday afternoon I was so excited to see Beth and Brett, and of course – to meet baby Kate!

Hearing them tell me the birth story and listening to the excitement in their voices brought tears to my eyes… but not the kind I worried I’d have. Instead, I felt tears of joy welling up, and I swallowed hard. It wasn’t longing, or jealously… it was pure happiness for these two and this amazing season in their lives.

I saw the joy they were feeling and I know how much they love this little girl already… how blessed they felt, and what a big moment this is for them. They didn’t take it for granted… they lived in each moment of her birthday and remembered it all to a T. I listened to them tell the story of the unexpected C-section, and how they held hands and cried together through it. How it wasn’t what they had planned, but it brought them a healthy little Kate… and so it was okay.

I got choked up because I know truly what a miracle this is and I also saw how aware of that Beth and Brett both are. As I stood there taking in all they were saying – I couldn’t wait to capture it all for them. I like to think that this session was meant for me to photograph that day. It showed me what all these appointments, all these days – good & bad – are working towards. I saw this unbelievable love, and used my personal experiences to be more present, vulnerable, and aware while documenting these moments for them to remember always.

Friends, I give you… the ever so beautiful, and oh-so-loved, baby Kate.



So. Much. Love. xoxo

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