Styled Shoot Workshop Prep ~ Lacuna Loft Wedding ~ Chicago Loft Wedding Venues

As you guys saw in yesterday’s post… much of my time lately has been spent planning and prepping for my workshop that is happening in 2.5 weeks! Ah! So soon!

Aside from ironing out the schedule and curriculum, another big part of the planning is getting everything in order for the wedding styled shoot. There are vendors to organize, a theme to decide upon, and a venue to find! Because the workshop is two days this year instead of one, the entire 2nd day will focus on the styled shoot. This way I will have plenty of time to show how we approach a wedding venue when we arrive… how we shoot details… how we pose and interact with a couple… and how we deal with off-camera lighting to make beautiful images without much time on a wedding day! (Along with much, much more… :))

I’m SO excited to have more time to focus on these aspects so the attendees can really come away with an understanding of all of it, instead of just an afternoon of shooting like we had in the past. All that is to say that having a full day focused on the styled shoot meant that we had to find an awesome venue to hold the second day of the workshop! I was so incredibly happy when a good friend of mine suggested Lacuna Lofts, because I wasn’t familiar with the space at the time… but I’ve come to find out that it is a seriously amazing loft space in Chicago!

I met up with the event managers there yesterday and got a tour of all the different options for the workshop space and needless to say, I’m SUPER EXCITED to be able to do the second half of our workshop there!! There are so many different options within the building that I was even a bit overwhelmed trying to determine where exactly to hold it! haha

Anyway, I’m so stoked about all of it that I couldn’t help but give you guys a little sneak peek at our Pinterest board …



… And some of the spaces at Lacuna Lofts!!


The rooftop deck may have been my favorite… I can just picture a ceremony and cocktail hour up here, can’t you?!


The view of the city from there isn’t too shabby either… 😉


I can’t wait for the workshop and many more photos in this gorgeous space!

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