Wedding Season Scramble + Off Season To-Do List Update ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I’m not really sure where the time has gone the past couple of months, but I’m pretty sure for the most part it has been a scurry of travel and catching up from traveling this “off-season.”

We’ve somehow managed to be busy all winter with sessions, meetings, travel, and much more – regardless of any thoughts I had about catching up on projects (ahem, our wedding album, anyone?). Thinking about all of this reminded me that I had blogged about our off-season to-do list back in November and so I thought… “Hey! I should look that post up and see how I’m doing!!” 

So I did. And what I found was not so awesome… haha.

Here is what I apparently had in mind for this off-season…

1. Rebranding – We actually did this!!! This took a serious amount of time and was at the top of our list, so I am glad I actually managed to do this!

2. Our Wedding Album!  Shhh… this hasn’t happened yet. BUT – the good news is that I found the lost hard drive that our wedding photos were on! (I know. We only had our full wedding gallery on an external hard drive and I managed to LOSE IT. So people, back up your wedding photos!) Now that we found it, I really hope to make time for this in the next couple months since our 5 year wedding anniversary is in May!

3. Client Info Book.  I’m going to be honest here… I’m not sure this one is getting done. I know it would be helpful, but since we’ve already started the wedding season scramble – finalizing wedding timelines, client gifts, and wrapping up other projects – this has just been WAY OFF my radar. Also, I have a bunch of blog posts at the moment that I send to new clients that are basically everything I would say in the Info Book, so that’ll have to work for now until I can find time to focus on this.

4. Wedding Day Work.  James and I set a date later this week to go over this – so I’m super excited! We’re going to really talk through our wedding day systems and iron everything out so we’re ready to do even better this year.

5. My Beautiful Site.  I really, really, really want to make this happen… but I just don’t know where the time will come from to do it in the next month… :-\  I’m working on the manifesto now (which I want to be the homepage of the site) and am gathering photos – so I’m getting there… one step at a time… which is better than nothing, I suppose. I’ve realized that I think I’m having such a hard time getting this done because it is so close to my heart that I just can’t get something up to have it there. I want it to be perfect.

6. Prep for & Host my Advanced Workshop.  I can definitely cross the prep part of this off my list!! I’m not going to lie, this has consumed my brain for a majority of the past couple months, which is why I think I haven’t really gotten any of the other things on this to-do list done. Even if I’m not actively working on it – it is still taking up my brain space. I’m planning all of the different topics in my head that I want to touch on, and I’m constantly writing mental notes… on top of the every day planning and collaborating I’m doing for it. I’m SO EXCITED that this is going to be two days this year and have so much information to share with the attendees that it really is all I can think about lately!


And so that is where we are with all of that. haha. Hopefully by fessing up I can actually focus on a few of those things I really want to get done – and DO THEM.  I can’t believe we already started this wedding season and only have another month or so before things really start rolling for good this year!

Speaking of wedding season – we shot our first wedding of 2014 last week in Punta Cana and I cannot wait to share it on the blog soon! Here’s a little sneak peek! Much more to come soon!



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