Be My Valentine in Punta Cana! ~ Wedding Season Kick Off

James and I are doing the most romantic thing you could possibly do on Valentine’s Day together today…. WE’RE PACKING!! haha. Soooo romantic, right?! 😉

But we’re hoping to make up for it because we fly out early tomorrow morning to head to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to kick off our 2014 wedding season with Melissa and Steven’s wedding this coming Tuesday!!! We are really excited to have a little down time before the wedding for a couple days to enjoy some sunshine and WARMTH (I think I’ve forgotten what that feels like!!) and just relax for a bit. 🙂




It is the perfect way to officially start our season and enjoy a belated Valentine’s Day, don’t you think? I hope you all have some plans for the weekend to enjoy time with the loves in your life, whether it is family, friends, your sweet pup, or your partner!! Have the best Valentine’s Day weekend!! Be thankful and be love. 🙂

We’ll see you guys back here at the end of next week!!! xoxo

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