Grand Canyon & Sedona, Arizona on Film ~ Arizona Film Photography

We are back from the Dominican Republic!! While we were there I got an email from Richard Photo Lab saying our Arizona film photos were ready to view and I was SO anxious to get home just so I could download them and check them out!! So of course the first post I’m doing upon return is sharing our film photos from our Arizona trip a few weeks ago! (Don’t worry, many Punta Cana wedding photos to come!)

We flew in on a Saturday, stayed in Sedona for a couple of days, then drove up to the Grand Canyon at sunrise Monday to find freezing temps, fog, and very little visibility of the canyon (haha), and then drove down to Wickenburg that same day – where the What If Conference was being held that we attended that week. The entire trip was such a great time, and I’m still wrapping my head around the conference and what I want to share here. I can tell you it was wonderful, as always, and such an amazing experience for James and I to have together. It really brought us even closer and helped us to slow down and really think about where we’re going in this life together and where we’d like to be in the future. In short, I loved it. (But more on that later when my brain is fully functioning after all the recent travel we’ve done!)

So – here is our trip in film photos! (All shot on my Mamiya 645 and Fuji 400h film.) Enjoy! xoxo 🙂


Our view of the Red Rocks from our hotel in Sedona…


We hiked the West Fork trail just north of Sedona, thanks to a friend’s recommendation…


I feel like this is one of those old time photos where you had to hold super still for a long time for the film to expose… haha. Really, it’s just a self-timer and we were apparently feeling very serious. haha


Then we woke up at 4:30am to drive 2 hours north to the Grand Canyon in hopes of catching it at sunrise in all its glory. Instead it was 18 degrees, snowing and the canyon was almost completely fogged over! haha. It was still beautiful though, and we are already planning our trip back in warmer weather when we have more time to hike and camp!


Seriously – look at that fog! The Grand Canyon was behind us – but you’d never know it! 😉 haha


On our drive back to Sedona we made a stop during this amazingly scenic drive for a few photos!


Later that day we made it to Wickenburg, Arizona for the start of the What If Conference at Rancho de los Caballeros, which was beautiful!


Lauren was nice enough to model for me when the light was just screaming to be photographed! 😉


Our amazing BBQ in the desert!!


And of course, the horses, horses, horses… 🙂



Happy Friday you guys! I hope you all had a wonderful week in this ‘balmy’ weather we’re having! 😉 (Anything feels warm in comparison to below zero!) xoxo


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