November + December Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

Well, November AND December came and went in a flurry!!! In the midst of our trip to Hawaii and the holidays,  I totally forgot to do our monthly tidbit posts!! I post these as much for my memory (to look back on later) as I do for you all… so I had to go back and make sure I got this posted!! Sorry! 😉

I’m going to do a little mini-version of each month because I know nobody wants to scroll through THAT many phone camera pics in one post… haha. But I still need to do it just to do it. (Because I’m a little Type-A and not okay with missing months… okay?! haha)

Here’s what November looked like for us behind the scenes!


1. We started off the month with our first official trip together to the fertility clinic, and met with the doctor we’ll be using at FCI. I was SO nervous going into the visit, but left with a renewed hope.

2. Marriage Equality passed in Illinois!!! FINALLY!

3. We had a busy month… even Chloe was so tired she couldn’t keep her tongue in her mouth. haha.

4. James and I were a bit stressed from too much work that fall and had a giant miscommunication. Thankfully we got through it and could make fun of ourselves about it by the time we headed out for dinner that night. 🙂

5. November 11th was the first snow of the season! Crazy!! (I didn’t even have to put out my “Let It Snow” sign this year before it finally snowed!! WHAT?!)

6. Perks of potential client meetings via Skype: I can wear pajamas on the bottom and cuddle with Chloe on the couch with a beer in hand just moments later!



1. We wished our favorite niece a very happy 4th birthday via Facetime!  🙂

2. We had the CRAZIEST rain/hail storm and these two couldn’t help but watch!

3. Chloe was so bashful about being featured as Ms. March in the PAWS Alumni calendar! 😉 haha

4. Since we were going to miss our family Thanksgiving, I was lucky enough to have a Friendsgiving with these two!!

5. We headed up to my parents’ place in Wisconsin to drop off Chloe! (These two crazies…)

6. And we closed out November in Hawaii for Tanya & Greg’s wedding!



Here’s December!!

1. This post starts 7 days in December, when we got home. Somebody was happy to have us back from Hawaii!

2. I mean… really happy.

3. But then… maybe she just loves everyone equally? (Clearly she hadn’t gotten enough of my parents after 10 days with them! haha)

4. I mean… seriously.

5. Then we headed to Madison to celebrate littlest nephew’s birthday!

6. And we had a GIANT snowstorm to drive home in that afternoon. And Chloe was super excited about it the next day!!



1. Chloe was trying desperately to help me decorate our tree, apparently.

2. Our tree! So plump. So lovely. 🙂

3. Properly managing my December schedule for a change meant time for things like… FAMILY VISITS! It was fabulous to have 2 of my 4 siblings in town to visit us!

4. It also meant time for cooking again! YAY!

5. And date nights downtown with dear friends!!

6. Home again home again for the holidays with my family! (This was taken on Christmas Eve at my parents’ house.)



1. There’s just something about Christmas in Wisconsin. Being home. The snow. The Christmas music and delicious food. Family. All of it.

2. Chloe played so hard outside that she sprained her tail! Crazy puppy!

3. Then we got to play outside too! A little bit of sledding action the day after Christmas!

4. Erin came over for her first cooking lesson! I’m so excited to continue this new tradition! 🙂

5. James and I shot a CHILLY proposal on a super snowy New Year’s Eve! Totally worth it!

6. Then we came home to ring in the New Year with our pup! As we do! 😉



And since we’re practically done with January now… we’ll be back with another Tidbits post soon!   😉   haha Happy Wednesday, friends!


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