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Well you guys, I really thought we’d have our Christmas tree by Sunday night, and decorate it on Monday night (because what better way is there to decorate a tree than while watching The Voice & The Sing Off?!)… but that didn’t quite happen. After our 4 hour drive back from Madison in the crazy snow on Sunday evening we were ready to just settle in at home for the first time in 2 weeks and I couldn’t even think of running out to do one more thing. Then Monday got away from me as well (hello emails/editing/office work/accounting)!

However, I did finally get our tree yesterday!!! Yeah!!!

FREEZING cold temps or not – I went out and found us a tree! 🙂 So it is up! It is in no shape to be decorated yet, but it is thawing out nicely and turning out to be quite the round little tree! 🙂 Since I’ve been scrambling a bit to wrap up all of our work before I dive head first into holiday goodness I haven’t put any real decorations up yet. But I’ve had the holiday itch like crazy since we landed back in the frozen tundra late last week… so I had to do something… even if I didn’t have time to full-on decorate our place yet. So yesterday while I picked up groceries at Trader Joe’s I got us some really cute little floral accents to help  liven up the house and get us in the holiday spirit!!

I know they aren’t much… but they’re sure making me happy in the meantime until I can really get this place looking all Christmasy! (And the eucalyptus smells AMAZING.)



It’s the little things, isn’t it?! 🙂







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