Stefanie + Brett ~ Downtown Sunrise Engagement ~ Chicago Downtown Engagement Photography

Stefanie and I had quite a few phone calls and a crazy email chain going after her initial inquiry back in late October (47 emails between Oct. 23 & Nov. 23, to be exact)! She was just one of those people I immediately ‘clicked’ with and knew when we finally met in person it would be like seeing an old friend!! And I was totally right. 🙂 Maybe it was because she offered to show me her awesome dance moves and beat box for me… I just knew we’d get along fabulously! 😉 (And here I thought I was the only one who beat boxed randomly at home!)

She and Brett sounded like so much fun and the kind of people who just see the positive in everything and have the best time together living life! So when it was a crazy rainy/snowy/freezing/slushy mess the day of their original engagement session these two were awesome and agreed to move it to the only other date we all had available in common – sunrise on a Sunday morning just before we were heading out of town for our trip. As it turns out, that particular Sunday morning was one of the COLDEST we had in the city up to that date! When I woke up bright and early the temperature said “0 degrees fahrenheit, feels like -12.”


But these two were troopers and this was our only date to make it happen and so we did!! I guess the perks of getting up for a sunrise shoot on a crazy cold day in the city is that NOBODY (and I mean NOBODY) is downtown! We had all of Millennium Park to ourselves!! It was pretty fabulous. We did the session in a bunch of 5 minute bursts… which meant: shoot for 5 minutes, then I’d throw my gloves back on, they’d throw their coats back on, and we’d all do our best to warm up before shooting again. haha! It was pretty crazy looking back on it, but these two handled it like champs! Somehow we managed to have the best time, and thankfully the sunrise was totally worth waking up for – because it was beautiful!! If we had this much fun freezing our butts off at the crack of dawn together, I can only imagine how much fun we’ll have at their wedding! I can’t wait!!

Here are some of my favorites from their Chicago sunrise engagement session!!


I never am a big “landmark” photo person… but when else are you going to have The Bean all to yourself?!

And then came the sunrise!!

These two have so much fun together it is totally contagious! 🙂

A mid-session dance party usually warms you right up! 😉



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