Home Sweet Home ~ Destination Wedding Photographer

You guys!!! We are HOME.

It is hard to believe 2 weeks have gone by since we last slept in our own beds… and while our trip was unbelievably amaaaaazing… it feels SO good to be home!! Because I’m a super numbers nerd… here are some numbers for you from our trip and trekking all over the place the last two weeks (between taking Chloe to WI, flying to Hawaii, driving ALL OVER Hawaii & Oahu, picking Chloe up from WI, and heading to Madison for my nephew’s birthday party in Madison yesterday)!!


23 miles walked/hiked

8,986 miles flown

1,121 miles driven

3 visits to Kona Brewing Company (I lost count of the beers we drank though! ;))

4 manta rays seen from the shore

2 people who texted to tell me (or warn me?) that a man was killed by a shark off of Maui

14,000 feet above sea level – where we viewed the sunset from Mauna Kea’s summit

149 approximate amount of times I screamed while we drove up the gravel “rode” along the edge of the volcano to Mauna Kea’s summit

60 times I told James to “please be careful” or “slow down” while driving the above mentioned ‘rode’

60 times James responded with “I AM BEING CAREFUL” or “I AM GOING SLOW” while driving the above mentioned ‘rode’

2 times I thought I might puke or pass out from the adrenaline rush/altitude sickness when we got out of the car

9 unbelievably beautiful sunsets we witnessed

5 minutes – about how long it took us to eat an entire pineapple (oh.my.word AMAZING!)

3 bottles of sunblock used

1 amazing wedding photographed

6 times I cried happy tears during the wedding

4,075 photos taken with our ‘real’ cameras (i.e. our work cameras)

7 rolls of film shot with my Mamiya

112 Instagrams posted with our hashtag #hawaiianpunchdrunk

4 bags already unpacked (That’s all of the bags we took on the trip – in case you’re wondering. It’s a MIRACLE!)

1 super happy dog to see us again 🙂


MUCH MORE to come on our trip when we settle in! I’m actually looking so forward to getting back to work (proof you really love what you do, huh?!)!! I can’t wait to get things in order, edit the last couple sessions I have to get out, and I’m seriously EXCITED to get to editing this wedding! It was UNBELIEVABLE and I just cannot wait to share it with you guys!! (Oh, and I’m excited to get a tree and decorate for Christmas! I can’t believe it is just over two weeks away! I’m looking forward to really having time to enjoy the holiday season this year!)

For now – I’ll leave you with this little sneak peek of Hawaii which comes to you in the form of an unedited iPhone pic (yes, those colors are REAL! Amazing!), because we didn’t use our “real” cameras for personal pics on our trip except a couple of times! (But don’t you worry – I’m going to share the film photos just as soon as we get them back! I’m SO impatient for them – I can’t wait!!!)


Sunset Beach, North Shore of Oahu on Thanksgiving night:

Amazing Sunset at Sunset Beach Oahu




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