Hawaii Trip ~ Oahu + Big Island ~ Personal Film Work

The hardest part about shooting film for me (other than worrying it won’t turn out and we’ll have no personal pictures from our trips) is the patience required in waiting for the film to get developed and scanned! Thankfully Richard Photo Lab never makes us wait too long and we already have our scans back from our trip to Hawaii where we went to shoot Tanya & Greg’s wedding!

We had never been to Hawaii before, so of course we built time around the wedding for us to enjoy the beautiful paradise!

Eventually I plan to do a full post about our trip… what we did … what we saw… where we went … with the million iPhone photos we took throughout the trip. I contemplated combining those with our film photos for this post, but I feel like these are just so pure and beautiful I didn’t want to taint them with iPhone pics! haha So I guess we’ll do two posts. This one will just be a lot of pretty pictures with location information, and the other one will be a full recap of our experience!

So here we go!


Honolulu… The view from Tanya & Greg’s place, where we stayed for a few nights…


Diamond Head


I was obsessed with these trees!


The view from the top of Diamond Head!


Hanging out by the beach that evening waiting for sunset…


Out to dinner for Thanksgiving on the north shore of Oahu after a busy day of kayaking & swimming (hence the no makeup look)…


Then over to Sunset Beach… hoping it lived up to its name… 😉


James alone with his thoughts and the sound of the ocean…


Until he got nailed by a giant wave, iPhone and all! haha…


It was so beautiful watching the sunset build over the time we were there… it just kept getting prettier by the minute!


This is seriously how it looked! No editing!


And then it turned into this… so pretty.


Then we flew to the Big Island for the wedding! This is the Pahala Plantation house we all stayed in for two nights and where the wedding was held on Saturday…


After the wedding on the way to Kona (where we spent our last 3 nights) we stopped by the black sand beaches…


… and saw a sea turtle!


… and some other Hawaii things along the way… 🙂


James on the deck and the view from the deck of our hotel room in Kailua-Kona…


We took an afternoon to drive up to the north end of the Big Island to visit Waipio Valley. It was unreal. Like nothing I’ve ever seen before… and it smelled like HEAVEN.


Then we hiked down this CRAZY STEEP road and wandered around. I’m still having dreams about falling over the edge – no joke! haha


At the bottom…


Our last night in Hawaii (the same night we flew out at 10:45pm) we drove to the top of Mauna Kea Summit. The scariest car ride of my life. But it was worth it.


We watched the sunset from above the clouds.


The perfect goodbye from paradise.


. . . . . .

For those curious I shot all of these on my Mamiya 645 using Fuji 400 and Porta 800. I can’t remember exactly which images were taken on which, but I’m pretty positive the Pahala Plantation cottage/Big Island photos, the Mauna Kea photos, and one of the Sunset Beach rolls were shot with the Porta 800. The rest were the Fuji 400.



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