Littlest Nephew Turns 6!! ~ Madison Children’s Lifestyle Photography

A few days after we arrived back from shooting Tanya and Greg’s wedding in Hawaii we headed right over to Madison to celebrate our littlest nephew’s 6th birthday! It was a cold and VERY snowy day in Wisconsin (a harsh hit after the constant 80 degree temps we got used to! ;))… but we had the best time, as usual!

I cannot believe how time is flying and that these kiddos just keep getting older and older!! How is that possible?! That means I’m getting older too, and I’m not sure that is right… because I’ve been 25 for the last 7 years… duh. 🙂 Anyway – here are some pictures from the little dude’s birthday celebration! These kids make my heart so happy!!


(And I really just want to post all of these images in black & white… so I am!)

These are my new favorite photos… thanks James! 🙂

TMNT cake pop!

The confusion of opening the batteries before the real gift! haha!

See photo on the right? That’s how you want your nephew to react to the gift you gave him! Yeah!

And because I couldn’t help it… SNOW!!


Excited to see these kiddos again for the holidays!!!


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