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I think it has been quite a while since I’ve done a personal post on here because life has been pretty crazy the last couple weeks as we close out our season. I know most people are feeling a little flustered this time of year, but I’m doing my best to just go with the flow and let the craziness wash over me, instead of overwhelm me! haha!

And so… here’s a first installment of Keeping It Real. Because you know how I love to dismantle the perfect little lives we all portray on social media, right?!

1. I wore this one tank top all day yesterday, then I showered & put it back on to wear out to dinner. Then I slept in it, and rolled out of bed this morning to get right to work – and I’m still wearing it. Yup.

2. James and I went out to an Ethiopian restaurant last night and it was delicious, but we couldn’t possibly finish it all. So we brought it home and (nearly) finished it a few hours later on the couch in our pjs, the food cold & straight out of the styrofoam take out container. Because that is how you do.

3. I have not cleaned the house since I can remember when (maybe a week ago? maybe two weeks ago?). It’s gotten to the point where Chloe is eating the dust bunnies from the corners of the rooms. Okay… I get it Chloe!! I’ll clean the house! Lay off the dust bunnies!!

4. In line with that… I have not done the dishes all week. Well, I should clarify – I did run one load in the dishwasher, but I didn’t unload them. Instead, I just used those clean dishes when I needed one because it was kind of like unloading the dishwasher… But now there are no more clean dishes in the dishwasher, barely any in the cupboards, and we can no longer access our kitchen sink. Sooo, apparently I need to do something about that?

5. Most days I roll out of bed in my pjs and just get right to work. I’m unaware that I have yet to put on a bra until the UPS guys (inevitably) shows up with packages for us. Then I’m very, VERY aware of it.

6. I seriously contemplated buying 4 containers of Trader Joe’s chicken sausage stuffing to put in my own baking dish and pretend I made to take to the “friendsgiving” my friend is hosting tonight. (I may or may not still be contemplating this.)

7. I have not even begun to start thinking about packing for our trip. I’ve been so much in “edit, deliver, edit, deliver, work, work, work” mode the past two weeks that I just cannot even wrap my head around packing. Would someone like to volunteer?

8. Our microwave is broken (and yet to be fixed by our landlord) and so James ran his already made coffee through the coffee machine to heat it up after it got cold. It took us 4 times to rinse the coffee out of the machine. Don’t try this at home, kids!

9. I went Christmas shopping for a gift exchange I’m a part of and ended up spending way more ($75) than the allotted amount ($20), and so I decided I should probably just keep the cute apron I bought for myself instead, because I plan to do lots of cooking this off-season and everybody needs a cute apron! Right? (This is usually how holiday season goes for me. I’m sure I’ll have at least 5 more things I decide I NEED while shopping for others.)

10. I was going to lift weights and workout a lot in preparation for our warm-weather bikini wearing trip – but that did not happen. The most I could muster in the middle of the madness was my usual half-mile walks with Chloe, and last night I did 25 minutes of stress relief yoga… because, obviously.

11. This is the current state of our place:


Just keeping it real! That is all. See you kids on Monday! 😉 haha



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