Erin + Brian ~ Bridgewater Club Wedding ~ Indianapolis Wedding Photography

The last few weeks we were craaaazy busy with weddings and travel, but all of that was made so much easier by amazing couples, like Erin and Brian!! I don’t think I can fully explain to you how much we adore these two!!! As you already read about in their engagement post – Erin pretty much had me at “Hello.” (Yeah, that’s a Jerry Maguire reference! You know you love it!) I fell more in love with these two during their engagement session, and was more than a little bummed when they up and moved to St. Louis – so our chances for hanging out more often in real life were dashed.

Thankfully though I got to stay in touch via email with Erin, and kept up with their happenings on Instagram (naturally)!  So when last Saturday arrived and we woke up bright and early to head to Indianapolis for their big day – I was STOKED to finally see them again! Apparently that feeling was reciprocated because James and I barely made it halfway up the front walk to Erin’s parents’ home in Carmel and she was bursting through the front door, exclaiming how HAPPY she was to see us and gave us the world’s biggest hug!! Talk about a welcome!! This girl has a way of making you feel pretty darn special! 🙂

On top of that – she had apparently talked us up to every single person at their wedding prior to the day and so everybody else was equally excited to see us and so incredibly welcoming! Oh, and did I mention she and Brian made us a travel bag to take home with us that night because they knew we had a long drive back to Chicago & another wedding on Sunday?! Yeah. A giant bag full of everything tasty thing you can possibly imagine (& Airborne, tissues, & gum – on top of everything else)! There was so much of it I couldn’t even hold it properly for a photo (see below), and we’re still working our way through the goodies a week later! And can I just say – of all the things someone is worried about the week before their wedding… with a giant to-do list and a million things on their mind… they actually thought of US?! It still blows my mind.

Anyway – it is pretty obvious we’re crazy about these two and that when people as wonderful as Erin & Brian get married – their equally amazing family & friends come to join them! The day was full of so many happy tears, so much laughter, joy, and just good old fashioned fun. It was absolutely beautiful to witness these two promise their forevers to each other, and so refreshing that their focus this entire time was on the MARRIAGE after this all, not just the wedding.

Erin & Brian ~ I can’t fully express how much we love you guys!! You have been nothing short of amazing from the very start and went from being our dream clients, to being our good friends!! I couldn’t stop myself from crying happy tears over and over on your day – because I’m just so happy for you two to have found each other & to get to spend life together!! Marriage is such a beautiful thing and I just know you two will have an amazing time. Sending you all the love and hugs and THANK YOUs humanly possible!! Have the BEST time on your honeymoon!! xoxo ~ Christy & James


And of course one of my favorites…. 🙂


Love. Love. Love!


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