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I was so honored when Bruce asked me to take photos of he and his adorable little girl, Fiona! You see, Bruce was one of my photography professors at Harrington College of Design and acted as a mentor for me as I built my career. I look up to him so much and was so thankful that I was able to assist on some of his shoots and learn all about this industry from him! So when he asked me to take photos of he and Fiona I was just a little intimidated, but also incredibly humbled.

Since he is a photographer obviously he has taken a ton of photos of Fiona on her own over the years, and probably has even more iPhone selfies of the two of them (haha), but no professional pics… so that’s where I came in. 🙂 Bruce is always laughing and having a great time ever since I met him, and I had heard him say so many amazing things about little Fiona (obviously he completely adores her and loves her to pieces!) – so I was really excited to finally meet her and capture their spirit together!

In case you’re wondering – they are so dang cute together (which you will see in about one second when you scroll through these photos). It is clear Fiona has her daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger!!

Here are some of my favorites!



!!!! Heart. MELTS. !!!


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