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It’s been a bit since I’ve done a weekly wrap-up …. so here are some of my random thoughts and points from the week!

1. I got a jury summons in the mail! AHHH!! I’ve never been called in for jury duty before so I’m kind of freaking out – in not a good way. haha. I was really hoping it would be for a date I had a reason to miss it – but alas – it is in the middle of one of the weeks I marked as an “office week” to catch up before Hawaii. Argh.

2. Our car is still in the shop. They gave us an estimated completion date of Oct. 24th, but clearly that was not accurate! haha. And so we continue to drive the beast of a mini van we have for a loaner currently. haha

3. I’m officially obsessed with shooting at night downtown!! James and I shot an elopement at midnight on Tuesday (well, technically Wednesday) and now I want to do more of these sessions! It got me so excited to try something new and shoot something that looked so different than what I normally do! And it was really fun to channel my photo school roots and really work to create beautiful light, instead of find beautiful light for a change!


chicago elopement at night


4. This month as been so crazy that our house was basically in complete disarray for the entirety of it, laundry was piling up, and we had pretty much nothing to eat. This resulted in lots of eating dinners out (which translates to quality time in the middle of this craziness – so I was okay with that!). But yesterday I finally caved and went on a mad cleaning spree. Thank. Goodness. However, we still have no food. Which in my world means – we’re nearly out of pickles, cheese, and we haven’t had bagels for over a week!! AH! I don’t know how I’ve survived this long! haha

5. I need some book recommendations! I’m looking forward to reading a lot when we’re flying to/from Hawaii – as well as laying on the beach… so I need some really good vacation reads! (And don’t say 50 Shades of Gray, or I’ll punch you). I need some good books! Leave suggestions in the comments! 🙂

6. The Walking Dead is back on – which basically means I spend an hour every week covered from head to toe (no matter how warm it is) and covered by 20 blankets on the couch – trembling in fear, yelling at the TV, and proclaiming “I hate this show!!!” every five minutes while I watch it.



7. I ate cream cheese stuffed baked pumpkin french toast for breakfast every day this week except yesterday. I just couldn’t do it anymore. Whew. Note to self: make a half-batch next time!

8. I’m loving this chilly weather, but it is making it feel like it should be Christmas already. Let’s roll back a bit and have a bit more fall… shall we? Especially for our last two local weddings – pleaseandthankyouverymuch. 🙂

9. I got a new 12×12 Leather Craftsmen sample album in this week!! I’m SO excited to show it off to potential clients! I promise I’ll post a little peek of it next week! 🙂


Happy weekending you guys! We’re in the city shooting a wedding Saturday & an afternoon full of mini sessions on Sunday! See you back here Monday! xoxo!


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