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It seems I’m having all “the feelings” as my birthday approaches… I’m excited about it (as I have been about my birthday for – well – forever), but I’m also anxious and asking a lot of questions of myself the past month or so as it inched closer and closer. I’m still trying to process what exactly is going on in my head and hope to share some actual thoughts and feeling on it all early next week after it has come and gone.

In the meantime, Chloe (reluctantly) put on a party hat for me and tried to not look TOO angry about it… haha.



We’re off to shoot Laura & Luke’s wedding at Cuneo Mansion tomorrow (YAY!), and on Sunday (my actual birthday) I plan to do a whole lot of nothing. 🙂 I’m envisioning sleeping in, hitting up a bar/restaurant for lunch to watch the Packer game at noon (if it isn’t on regular TV here), maybe taking a little nap, eating some sort of birthday sweets, and relaxing with my loves – James & Chloe. 🙂 It’s supposed to finally feel like fall by then – so I’m super stoked to hopefully sit on a patio in a cardigan and my new boots and breathe in some crisp fall air. The perfect way to ring in another year if you ask me!

See you all back here Monday! Happy Weekending! 🙂


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