Bridal Fashion ~ Alice Padrul Bridal Couture Collection

I had the distinct honor of photographing Alice Padrul’s stunning new collection a few weeks ago and I am beyond excited to share the resulting images with you guys! My gorgeous former bride, Mallory, was so kind as to model for us – and we are so happy she did! Oh my word is this girl beautiful. I had the best time photographing her (as I always do!) and she was such a sweetheart to do it for us! And the supremely talented Debbie Petrielli did Mallory’s hair and makeup for us!

This shoot was an interesting change of pace for me… I’m so used to capturing the connection between a couple and focusing on the people in the photographs – but for this I needed to more importantly make sure I was showing these stunning bridal designs in the best way possible. I wanted to make viewers feel like they were touching the fabric and twirling in these dresses – and I hope I achieved that!

I was having flashbacks to photography school in the studio all those years ago and I absolutely loved it! Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot!


Isn’t Mallory just so stunning in this beautiful bridal wear?! <3 Love!!


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