Behind the Scenes at CTP ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

I was planning on finally posting about my thoughts on our 2-year (full-time) business anniversary today, but for some reason I can’t wrap my head around everything I want to say – so I’m saving that one for next week. (Sorry, it’ll just have to be a week late, seeing as the anniversary was on the 17th! Oops.) 🙂

So instead, I thought I’d show a glimpse into what we look like on the other side of the camera on wedding days! I think in general James and I are pretty terrible about remembering to take photos of each other working – but I take it as a good problem to have – because that means we’re so focused on shooting, right?!

Of course there are always those moments when I notice James across the room and I can’t help but feel a little burst of happiness and pride (because he looks so handsome and professional). I can’t help but think, How on earth did we get to this place where we get to spend our “work days” shooting people’s love stories TOGETHER?! Not a wedding goes by when I don’t feel like I need to pinch myself to see if it is real. I mean, we have the world’s happiest co-workers!! Couples in love? Parents celebrating an amazing day in their child’s life? Old friends coming from all over the country (& sometimes the world)? Those are the people we get to hang out with while we work!! And on top of it – we get to do it all with our love by our side. I’ll take it. 🙂

As I was pulling these images from weddings I had a hard time not feeling like the start of wedding season was SO long ago! Our first weddings of the year were back in April and for some reason looking at those photos it feels like years ago – not months! It’s crazy all the places we’ve been to shoot weddings this year and all the amazing couples we’ve spent their day with so far! I’m feeling all nostalgic about 2013 for some reason. (Probably because I’m aware that this fall is going to fly by in a flash of beautiful weddings, travel, and engagement sessions and before we know it we’ll be closing out another wedding season… which is just too crazy to even think about right now.)

Anyway, enough with my jibber-jabbering – without further ado – I leave you with … Us. Behind the scenes from the first half of our 2013 wedding season. 🙂


Here I’m telling Erin & Bret all about my thighs…


Here are my feet after a particularly rainy wedding day…


Here is James stalking his prey…


Apparently sometimes I like to pretend I’m Michael Jordan and stick my tongue out when I’m really into a shot. Sometimes I’m happy to test the light for James, sometimes I’m unreasonably serious…. ???


This is pretty much my normal (weird) face. And this is a little boy wondering who and the heck this weird lady is photographing him… haha


James proving a point that I wasn’t running fast enough to get out of his shot… haha


Remember when it was cold out?! Remember when James buttoned his coat like Uncle Fester? 😉


James taking the high ground…


I’m a woman of many talents… such as, squatting while holding my camera on my lap and simultaneously fixing my hair… and tying groom’s ties!


Hey Christy, walk here so I can test the light. Hey Christy, stand here so I can test the light. 🙂


James may or may not like to stick his tongue out at me when I ask him to stand in so I can test the light. haha


He also likes to do an assortment of other weird things when I ask him to stand in for me. Including saluting me. Because I’m the BOSS!! 😉


Then other times he looks shockingly normal. 😉


And one time I caught him yawning while we were waiting for the ceremony to start. But I forgave him – because he’s so cute. (Not in the yawning photo, the other one.) 😉


And very rarely – I convince him to stop so I can set the camera on a wall and take an out of focus self-timer photo of us together on a wedding day. Because that’s my favorite part. Us together.


Happy weekending you guys! We’re off to Madison for a bunch of sessions on Saturday and a wedding on Sunday!! See you crazy kids back here Monday! 🙂


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