Two Years of Crazy ~ PAWS Chicago Alumni

During our late night car ride back from Madison last night after Sarah & Aaron’s wedding, I suddenly remembered that it had been exactly 2 years since we brought our crazy pup, Chloe, home from PAWS Chicago! I was reminded of it because back then Chloe was so teeny she easily fit on our laps and loved to ride up front in the car with us. I remember taking her home from PAWS with all 18 pounds of her curled up on my lap.



Once she got too big to comfortably (and safely) fit in the front seat we made her stay in the back, but we had the hardest time continually fending her off. But at some point she eventually got over attempting to jump up front.

That was… until last night.

I think it must have been how exhausted she was from the weekend, and how late it was – but whatever it was – she wanted to be up front and cuddle up on my lap. James and I were in an in-depth conversation and she realized the opportunity was there to sneak up front without us realizing what she was doing. And just like that… Chloe leapt up front and was attempting (rather unsuccessfully) to curl up on my lap (all 55 lbs of her).

We couldn’t help but laugh and remember the days she used to always lay on our laps up front, and how quickly she outgrew it. It was then that it hit us – it was exactly 2 years since we brought this crazy pup home!

I honestly can’t get over how quickly that time has flown. And even though we got home at 2am last night – we couldn’t help but pull up some old Chloe puppy videos and laugh. It’s so funny looking back and seeing that she is seriously the SAME dog she was back then! That feisty little adorable puppy is now just a feisty big adorable dog. 🙂 haha



Anyway – you know I couldn’t help but share a video from our puppy Chloe days! This one is showing her obsession with the shower. Once she figured out how to open our doors, if you didn’t lock the bathroom when you were showering – she would bust in and terrorize you… pulling the curtain to the side and licking all the water she could off the tub, curtains, and if she was really fast – your legs. I don’t remember when she stopped doing this (thank goodness, because it was pretty drafty with the curtains pulled back, and left quite the wet mess in the bathroom) – but it sure is fun to look back on and smile.

Here’s a little 2-year flashback to Chloe as a wee-puppy. 🙂


Shower Time Chloe from Christy Tyler on Vimeo.



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