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I just realized I haven’t done one of these since April so I figured it was high time! Although I guess this isn’t really a “weekly wrap-up” – but we’re going to roll with my points & ponderings anyway! (Yes, I made up that word – I turned pondering into a noun by adding an S. haha)


1. I decided we need to have a mid-season break every wedding season from now on! This year we only had 1 big wedding in August and it was pretty magical. Last year we really went non-stop from June through December… but this year was different. This year we started in April and went pretty steadily all the way through July (with an odd weekend off here and there). Then came our summer break (which I may have to schedule in from now on). We had down time. I caught up on editing, spent time with family, hit up the beach with James & Chloe, and just rebooted my creativity. It was perfection. So when we kicked off the 2nd half of our wedding season last Saturday for Elizabeth & Chris’ big day – I was SO EXCITED to get started again and felt re-energized for the rest of our year!


2. After Justin Timberlake won the video of the year VMA for his video, Mirrors, and I heard it was inspired by his grandparents I decided I had to watch it. (I didn’t even realize people still made videos! haha) So I was trying to watch it in the kitchen on James’ laptop during my lunch break – but Chloe kept coming in and yelling at me to play and take her outside. I was like 50% through the video when she started really losing her mind and I was desperate to see it through the end so I scooped her up like a baby on my hip and rocked her until the video was over so she’d quit barking at me. And it worked. Sometimes I’m kind of embarrassed by these things. But not embarrassed enough to not tell you all. 🙂


3. The heat this week is really not helping me stay on my Nike Fit mileage goal for the month! I was hoping to walk 2-3 miles a day this week to close out the month at 40 miles again, but it turns out that 100 degree heat just makes me (and Chloe) want to vomit. Not fun.


4. Thanks to my friend Elissa who shared the info with us – James and I will be “modeling” (I guess you’d call it that?) for Caroline Ghetes next week! I’m super excited to see what she does with the shoot! I love working with people who have such a different eye for the world & photography than I do … I can’t wait to see how it turns out!!


5. By some crazy turn of events we don’t have any weddings this Labor Day weekend… WHAT?! Crazy talk. Usually we have 2-3. So we’re taking advantage of the time off and heading to a Brewer game with my whole family, shooting some mini sessions up in WI, and relaxing!


6. I just freaked out at James for continually interrupting me while I’m trying to write this post at 8:15pm (when I should be done working). He keeps coming up and talking to me and/or putting his face on my shoulder and neck…. and it is driving me nuts! What is wrong with me? I should enjoy the attention, but man – a girl needs to focus sometimes!! The sooner you leave me be to write this – the sooner I am done working and can come relax for the night. (Please tell me I’m not the only person who gets this way? I’m trying really hard not to, but… I just need to Finish. This. Post. Man!)


7. Sometimes I wish I were a better wife. James is pretty much the best and, well, I just feel like I’m terrible. (See above example.)


8. I get way too happy to hear that James chose the Packers as his team on Madden when I hear him occasionally playing in the other room. Someday I will officially convert him to a die hard Packer fan! For now, I will happily take the little baby steps he’s making towards becoming a fan… 🙂 hehehehe


10. NFL SEASON OFFICIALLY STARTS ON SEPTEMBER 5TH!!!!! That is just over a week away people!!! I!!! AM!!! EXCITED!!!!! I was looking for photos to include with this point and stumbled across these photos I did a couple years ago for my rebranding. Apparently I was trying to show that I’m a “cheesehead” (i.e. Packer fan, for those of you who live under a rock). I can’t figure out why these didn’t make it on the website?! hahaha… WOW. (Side note – that was truthfully all the cheese that just happened to be at our house when we did the shoot. No joke.)


And that is all the random points & ponderings I have for you today… 🙂 xo!


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