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Well hello there July – didn’t you show up quickly?! Apparently June flew by in a fluster of engagements, proposals, weddings, and traveling! Yowsa! And now – here we are.

I’m honestly having trouble remembering what really happened in June to sum it up – so instead I guess I’ll just get right to the pictures! 🙂


Life behind the scenes…

1. Pretty much our post-wedding ritual at this point… 🙂

2. Chloe & I are loving all our walks together since I started Nike Fit! Chilling on the trampoline on our back deck post-walk… she can’t resist putting her nose on mine apparently. haha

3. Prepping for Turning Tides Retreat! Mostly for the wine drinking part this particular night – but we did talk business for a moment! 😉 Promise! haha 😉 (Still seats open, just over a month away! SIGN UP HERE!)

4. We’ve now lost count of how many times Chloe has attempted to pack her bone in our gear bag when we’re prepping for weddings! haha! What a nut!

5. LOVED this quote at the Madison Children’s Museum for Emily & Spencer’s wedding… <3 So. True.

6. Sleeping on the air mattress in the basement at my sister’s in Madison (after the above-listed wedding), and we couldn’t resist letting their dog, Bodie, in with us! I’m kind of surprised we didn’t pop that thing, to be honest! Ha!


1. Celebrating Lauren’s chemoversary. These two are peas in a pod, I tell you. (There was a way crazier/silly photo I could have posted, but James might have killed me.)

2. Sara is having a baby!!! Weren’t we just 10 years old throwing rotten fruit in grandma’s yard?! (See her beautiful lifestyle maternity session HERE.)

3. Time with the kiddos in Madison! I’m not sure if they like Chloe or Uncle James more? It’s a close call.. 😉

4. Littlest nephew from above. Taking a breather during his soccer game, in which he scored a goal!!! Yeah!!

5. Just… seriously. This girl kills me. LOVE.

6. Chloe has taken to yelling at us if we’re both working in the office simultaneously. Don’t we know that we are here for her entertainment only?!?! The nerve!


1. Plans for shooting a proposal downtown. Thank the lord for Google maps!! haha. (A Chicago proposal is coming to the blog this week!)

2. It was such a perfect night and we didn’t have a wedding the next day for once – so we decided to stay downtown for dinner & drinks!

3. I couldn’t make these things up.

4. She looks like she is ready to throw-down if anyone comes near her dad!

5. The adorable wrapping paper I bought didn’t fit around the gift I had for Missy’s baby shower… so I had to make do with some Trader Joe’s bags (reversed) and CTP supplies!

6. The perfect end to our weekend off…. margaritas. You know it!


1. Sometimes we like to use Chloe as a pack mule for dirty laundry. haaaaaaaaaa…. hahahahaha Just kidding. But this picture still kills me! (She was sprinting around the house throwing the clothes off her the entire time we tried to do this – but we did manage to get one pic! lol!)

2. James and I finally used the massages our sweet clients, Sarah & Seth, got us last fall… and this was me post-massage, sauna, and steam shower. Yeahhhh… I was so zenned out I couldn’t even muster a smile. haha. And look how rosy I am! I don’t think I’ve been so relaxed, or felt so healthy in quite a while. Thank you S & S!!!

3. Our neighborhood’s closest thing to a pool… I love walking with Chloe & seeing kids playing in the water as the sun goes down behind them. It reminds me of how carefree and amazing summer was as a kid.

4. I took the train to Friday’s wedding because of the Hawk’s parade (and because James was meeting me for the ceremony coverage later). I had flashbacks to working downtown & taking this train every day. It’s crazy how long ago that feels!

5. Saturday’s wedding venue. Our clients have the most unique and awesome weddings, I swear!

6. I (just barely) managed to beat my mileage last month. But to be fair – I know I walked WAY MORE than in May because of the amount of walked for engagement shoots and weddings, but that doesn’t get logged. Also – I beat James!! But only because he threw his back out and hasn’t been able to run for the past two weeks… so I guess I shouldn’t really be happy about that. :-\


There you have it! June behind the scenes! I’m sure July will fly by just as quickly, or more so…. eek! Stay tuned because I have a whole heck of a lot of sessions & weddings coming your way this week regardless of the holiday! So don’t forget to tune in!!! 🙂



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