The Universe ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

Suffice to say the last week was crazy! The Universe seemed to collide and because of a series of random things – rain, reschedules, fog, life, and what not – I ended up pretty much running around non-stop for the last 9 days or so – shooting sessions and weddings all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and Chicago nearly every day.

I was still in this go-go-go mode last night after I wrapped an engagement session (with an awesome couple!) when I couldn’t help but notice what a beautiful night it was.

It felt like after a week of the Universe throwing me curve balls, it was finally telling me to hit pause … to just be.

And so I did.



I stayed a few minutes extra and wandered around the area taking photos as the sun set over the harbor, then I strolled over to the lakefront. I focused on my breath – like I’ve been trying to do more lately. I took in the world around me, and I was just so in awe of how beautiful it is.

I know it is super cheesy (trust me, I do) – but some days it just really hits you – you know?

I mean… It.  Is.  Beautiful.



I’m so grateful to be here… and I’m ready to take on another week, no matter how crazy it is. 😉




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