May Tidbits ~ Life Behind the Scenes

And then all of a sudden it was JUNE.


Craziness! I just realized we’re already 6 weddings into wedding season, which kind of blows my mind – because I know time will just keep flying from here on out since things just keep getting busier!

Anyway – May was a busy and also fun month for us! We celebrated James’ 35th birthday, our 4th anniversary, and my parent’s 40th anniversary!


Here’s what life looked like for us behind the scenes in May!

1. The weather finally started to feel like spring & Chloe was loving it!

2. I just love this city.

3. The super sweet AJ (of Your Stylist AJ) gave me a little tutorial on how to deal with my newly curly/wavy hair!

4. My first attempt at following AJ’s tips! Yay!

5. Seriously into TV! haha

6. Just a typical morning in the Tyler house…


1. Out for tapas to celebrate James finishing his semester!!

2. I’m obsessed with this tree-lined sidewalk in front of the school by our house! I walk down there back & forth under the trees just to smell them!!

3. SHARE group awesomeness! James came to celebrate his birthday & may have been a bad influence… haha 😉

4. Peanut butter frosted brownie. Enough. Said.

5. Spoiled rotten.

6. Grilling season!!! YES!!


1. So happy the grass is no longer dead & is finally green & growing! (Never mind that it desperately needed mowing – Chloe loved it!)

2. I couldn’t help myself. lol. She’s not really wearing them – I just made it look like she was. Pajama pants Chloe!

3. I’m obsessed with the prints from Richard Photo Lab! I love shooting film because it guarantees we’ll print the pics! YEAH!

4. Big spoon little spoon. 🙂

5. This is the lilac bush at my parents’ house that I picked all of our wedding flowers from 4 years ago. This year it bloomed late (in time for our anniversary) again! This thing is way bigger than it looks – FYI. It’s probably 8-9 feet tall and twice as wide!

6. I’m loving all the different venues we’re getting to shoot in this year! Each wedding is so unique – I loooove it!!


1. Apparently it was “I must be touching Christy in order to sleep” night in our house. haha.

2. My brother Will and cousin Miles came to visit before flying out to Ireland!! Yay family!

3. Chloe and I logged 40 miles in May! YAY for improvement! Here’s to beating that number in June!

4. Out to dinner on our anniversary after our first round of ballroom dance lessons at Arthur Murray! We are loving it and bought more to keep it up!!

5. Anniversaries are the best. So is James.

6. Learn a little lesson from me… Don’t drink red wine in bed while reading and very sleepy. It doesn’t end well. haha


Now we continue full speed into June with a month full of sessions and weddings! There will be lots to share on the blog! Stay tuned!! 🙂


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