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Those of you that are long time readers may be annoyed with my album posts… but I can’t help it! I get so excited to see my client’s beautiful wedding days off of DVDs and onto paper that I can’t help but share! There is just something about holding an album in your hands and flipping through pages of memories – instead of staring at them from a glowing computer screen.

And to prove it’s never too late to order your wedding album – these albums are for Katie & Shaan whose awesome wedding was back in September of 2011! They ordered one 12×12 album for themselves, and a 10×10 for their parents.

I have always offered the 12×12 albums, but never actually seen one in person… and oh my gosh – I think I just may have fallen in love! Of course it is a handful, but I love that the images in the album are so large!!! I mean, Katie and Shaan have a photo that goes across both pages to create a full spread -and that thing is 2 feet wide! How amazing is that?! LOVE IT.

Anyway – enough chatter – here is a little peek at their two albums (duplicate in design)!


Then I realized you can’t really tell how big the photos (or the album) are unless you see someone holding them… 🙂


Oh, and the best part about albums is that it gives us an excuse to meet-up with clients and catch-up over dinner/drinks when we deliver them!! 😉


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