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Yesterday I braved the snowy, slushy, gray Chicago day to run some errands that couldn’t be put off for one more day. I needed office supplies like nobody’s business, and since I got a rewards card in the mail from Office Depot… off I went!

I may be the nerdiest nerd of them all, but I seriously love shopping for office supplies. I could wander up and down the aisles forever… deciding on this pen or that one… this planner or that planner… this Sharpie or that Sharpie. (Which, by the way, I should probably just wear a sign when I’m in office supply stores that says: Don’t worry about me, I’m finding what I came here for, but I’m going to waste an hour looking around beforehand… because I swear 20 different employees came up to ask me if I needed help finding something yesterday! haha)

As I wandered up and down the aisles I came upon the school supply section and my heart did an extra pitter-patter. You see, I was that kid that asked for anything and everything Crayola for every holiday. I couldn’t have enough art supplies (and the same has held true for me my entire life). I would keep my markers, colored pencils, paper, and crayons all neatly stacked and treated them like gold. So when I stumbled upon a box of not 96 crayons… but ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY CRAYONS (!!!!) – you know I was all over it!



There’s pretty much nothing better than a brand new box of crayons, is there? All stacked so neatly in tiered rows displaying all the beautiful colors. (Side note… Do you remember that episode of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood where they showed how crayons were made at the crayon factory?! Best. Episode. Ever.)

I carefully picked up the box of crayons and placed it in my basket (I didn’t want to break any of them… that’s the worst!) and headed for the checkout. Naturally the woman at the checkout thought I was buying the ridiculous amount of school supplies I had for my children (that don’t exist), but obviously that wasn’t the case. I didn’t correct her though. Instead I just smiled with some kind of joy I haven’t felt since I was little … excited to get these crayons home and admire their beauty! 🙂

When I got home and busted into the box, my heart stopped for a moment because it turned out that it wasn’t one big box of 120 crayons (like I expected), but it was 3 smaller boxes (2 of 48, and 1 of 24). What the?!?!



But upon further examination I was able to forgive Crayola for their bogus packaging, because as it turned out there were actually 120 unique colors… just not all in one box. Whew. Close call.



Part of me wants to leave them all new and pristine in the box… but I know that’s illegal… Right?! Especially since when I got home and James realized I bought crayons he immediately asked if I bought us coloring books too.

Did he say US??? 

So I asked, “YOU like to color???”

To which James replied, “Are you kidding? I’m like 5. Of course I do!” (… just when I thought I couldn’t love this man more!!)



So I’m thinking we need to get some awesome coloring books and have an animated movie marathon date night where we can break in our new crayons and drink chocolate milk! (Just kidding, you know we’re drinking wine… haha.)



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