Moments ~ 2012 in Review ~ Chicago Wedding Photographer

When 2012 ended I was still so immersed in all of it that I couldn’t look subjectively at the work we made last year and choose images for a year in review post. (Just the thought of it had me running in the other direction.)

But now that I’ve had some time off from weddings and shooting in general – I’m ready to go back and look through the images we created this year and really appreciate them in a new way, and see them with a new set of eyes.

That being said – it is always so hard for me to choose photos for these posts because I have such an attachment to my clients that I want to post. all. the. photos!!! So this year instead of just choosing my favorite pretty images, I’m doing my best to choose images that really captured emotions and moments (whether happy, moving, joyful, sad, or funny) or that spoke to me on a different level for some reason. Images that really make me FEEL a connection to something.

It wasn’t easy to narrow it down… but here you have it… a look back at 2012 in moments!



Love all these people!!! XOXO!



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