Sisters ~ Chicago Portrait Photographer

I don’t think I can adequately explain HOW EXCITED I am that my one and only sister is coming to visit me in Chicago for the weekend!!! It is crazy looking back at how much our lives have changed since we were kids…

There were growing pains along the way… Jenn leaving for college when I was in 8th grade… getting married… having kids… me moving to Chicago… me getting married. Our lives are constantly changing and although we don’t get as much time to spend just one-on-one like we did when we were younger – the one constant in all these years of change is that she is still my best friend and always will be no matter how often we are able to talk or get together.

I think the last time we spent time just the two of us was the night before my wedding. James and I stayed in separate rooms, so Jenn shared a room with me… keeping me sane and relaxed in the moments leading up to the big day. It’s hard to believe that was almost 4 years ago already! So, needless to say, I’m completely stoked to have a sister’s weekend in Chicago! We don’t have any real concrete plans other than to play it by ear… which is the best. 🙂 We may go out to dinner and drinks, shopping, site seeing… who knows?! All that matters is that it’ll be just the two of us for the first time in a really long time. And I can’t wait.



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