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Often times I think about dogs when I think about love. They way they so unconditionally love their humans blows my mind. So since today is Valentine’s Day and James and I were just recently talking about how awesome (although CRAZY) Chloe is… I thought I’d switch it up and talk about her today instead. (Sorry James – you know I got your back, love!) 🙂



Things that make Chloe (& dogs in general) awesome…

1. She could be in the world’s soundest, most amazing sleep, but if we get home she is… Up! Off the bed! Half asleep! Dizzy and tipping over from getting up so quickly! But oh my gosh I love you! I’m here at the door to greet you! I can’t believe you came back!! Jumping & giving kisses!! If any human ever did that when their love came home I’d be shocked. haha.

2. She is (almost) always up for a nap. The second James or I lay down – Chloe is jumping on the couch or bed and finding the perfect spot behind our knees to cuddle up and go to sleep too.



3. She loves kids. We live by a school and it is the cutest thing ever to see her love on all the kids walking by to/from school. She FREAKS OUT and then lays down lengthwise along the fence on her back, wags her tail, and soaks in all the pets from the little kids through the fence that they can manage.

4. If I’m being honest – she loves EVERYBODY. Guy riding by on his bike? Chloe is running and jumping the entire length of the fence trying to say hello. Older couple with canes making their way down the sidewalk? She walks/jumps along with them the entire way. It is the best thing ever to see people snap out of their grumpy state (or wherever they are in their head) and realize this adorable little puppy is trying to say hello and is SO EXCITED to see them that by the time they’re part way down our fence line they can’t help but laugh and smile. It. Is. Awesome.

5. She trusts people. This worries me a bit because I’m nearly certain she’ll go home with anyone she meets in the grocery store parking lot, on a walk, or whatever… haha. But she just has this trust in people, believes they’re all good, and I love it. (It can be difficult when we’re walking though and she decides she wants to jump up and kiss someone walking by and I’m unprepared to stop her. That doesn’t always go over well for those who maybe aren’t dog people or think she is attacking them… eeps! haha)



6. She is nuts. I mean, some of the stuff she does blows my mind… mimicking the sirens after they go by, talking to us from the back of the car, barking/pawing at the dog in the dishwasher, hating on her reflection in the mirror… the list goes on.

7. She’s smart. As nuts as she is, she is equal parts smart. James likes to remind me that She. Trained. Me. (Thanks James!) She taught herself how to open our doors and bust into any room she wants. If the door opens the wrong way and she can’t get out – she rings the door stopper along the baseboard until someone lets her out. The same holds true for our back door leading to our porch. She lines up against the door and stares at us. If we don’t realize she wants to go out then she’ll ring the door stopper and look at us again. “Excuse me guys! I want to go see if there are any squirrels getting into stuff out back! Open the damn door!”



8. She willingly jumps in the tub to let me rinse off her paws every time we get in from a walk. I just say, “Chloe! Tub time!” and off she goes to the bathroom, jumps in the tub, and waits for me to turn on the water. Then she lifts one paw at a time to let me clean the mud/dirt off, and patiently waits until I’ve laid a towel on the ground for her to jump out onto and dry her paws off. This may seem ridiculous – but man – it is crazy to see her growing up and doing new things like this without a fight.

9. She loves us. I had never had a puppy before, so the transition from her not even knowing her own name, to thinking we were just some punks that were taking care of her momentarily, to loving us unconditionally was a really amazing thing to see. When I got home from the Dominican Republic she was SO HAPPY to see me she seriously knocked me onto the ground so she could just kiss me and jump all over me. haha. It was the best. 🙂



I’d love to hear who/what you’re loving this Valentine’s Day and why!! Let’s fill this comment section with Love!! 🙂 I’m sending all mine out to family, friends, and most importantly James & Chloe today! xoxo Happy Valentine’s Day you guys!!



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