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James had been hounding me for the past year to do something about our bedroom closet. You may be wondering why it is my responsibility to do something about OUR closet – but really about 80% of it is MY closet, and 20% of it is James’ – and that 20% is super tidy, of course. Every time he asked me to do something about it – I kept telling him all busy season – I’ll get to it this off season! I’ll get to it when things slow down! I promise! 

And since I enjoyed my first off-season weekend last weekend, I went ahead and surprised James (and myself) and tackled this mess of a closet right off the bat! (As a side note – can I just say how weird it is for me to not have shoots all weekend long? During the rest of the year weekends are full of shooting weddings, engagements, family sessions, and just running around in general. But last weekend I slept in, made a tasty breakfast, went to the gym, and came home inspired enough to do something about the fire hazard that was our bedroom closet. And I must say – it was pretty awesome to actually have time to do personal projects on weekends! Is this what it feels like to have a M-F 9-5 job – because I forgot! Here’s hoping I can keep up this productivity all off-season and tackle the numerous other projects I have on my personal to-do list!)

Anyway – I digress! Here is the closet before I did anything to it. Scary, I know. I seriously didn’t even know what clothes I owned anymore because I couldn’t find anything!



Part way through the process Chloe thought it looked like I needed help. Or at least she thought she needed to cover up a few of the neat piles I made on the bed with her entire body… haha!



The weirdest thing for me was going through old clothes I used to wear to work at the law firm and GETTING RID OF THEM. It kind of gave me heart palpitations to do it because this whole time I’ve kept them “just in case” I have to go back to work there and need them, and I was afraid if I gave them away that I’d jinx myself. But I’m having faith and parting with these old office clothes once and for all! Whew. A scary and awesome feeling all at the same time!



The mess I was trying on/sorting through… and the two GIANT bags I’m going to give to Goodwill! Yeah!



And here you have the final product people! I only kept things I’ve actually worn in the last year, that still fit me, and are still in style (i.e. not from college, haha). The only things outside of that group I kept are a couple things for future costume possibilities or nostalgic value (but there were seriously only maybe 3-5 of those kinds of things). So yay me! And it only took me 5 hours to do! haha



And let me just tell you – this past week since I did it has been amazing! My mind is clear and I don’t have trouble breathing every time I open up my closet! haha. And there were so many things I love that I forgot I owned… so it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe again! Awesome!

Chloe was so happy about it she couldn’t help but do this… 😉 haha



She’s even smiling I think! Right?!



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