Starting Fresh, Looking Back, & Giving Thanks ~ New Year’s Eve

It is hard to believe that tonight we’ll be ringing in the start of a new year… 2013! First of all – I can’t believe it will already be 2013 – because that means I’m going to be 25 this year!! (…give or take a few years – haha. Where does the time go?!) And secondly – I can’t get over how quickly this year flew by! I honestly feel like we were just starting wedding season a few weeks ago – and now here we are… with the year coming to a close!

I have to say – I’m anxious for a clean slate… for a new chance to do things better… for goals, for opportunities, for purging, for streamlining, and most of all – for dreaming bigger dreams. I have a list as long as I am tall of all the things I hope to get done this off-season… but before I leap ahead into all 2013 has in store – I can’t help but first look back at all the amazing things 2012 brought to us.

James and I shot our final wedding of the year on Saturday and on our drive home from Evanston I felt like my heart could burst.

I felt so full, so happy… so. blessed. I reflected back on the year we had – on the struggles… the good… the bad… the non-stop go-go-go… the beautiful couples we got to know & call friends… the love stories we were lucky enough to tell through our photos… and I just couldn’t believe any of it. I thought of each wedding day and how our couples made them so perfectly, uniquely, and beautifully theirs. I thought of how amazing it is that we get to meet and work with such awesome people on a regular basis… people we are proud to call our friends – people who make us want to work harder and be better – people who live life to the fullest and help us remember to do the same.

And while I don’t feel I deserve all we have been blessed with – I will do my best to make sure to thank God each and every day for all of it, to not take it for granted, and to pay it forward.

As I sit here reflecting on all 2012 was for us – there are 31 couples that my mind keeps coming back to… each and every one of the couples that allowed us into one of the most important and intimate moments in their lives – the day they promised their forevers to each other (and amazingly – trusted us to document it for them to remember always). It is an incredibly humbling thing to be trusted with this honor, and I am well aware of that with each couple that books us, and with each vow that is spoken.

To all of you that trusted James and I to stand along with you on your wedding days…  You mean the world to us and we would not be where we are today if you had not allowed us to come on this journey with you. You all are the best clients in the world – and we are so happy not only to call you our clients, but to call you our FRIENDS. There aren’t enough words in the world to express how grateful I am for each and every one of you – but I hope for now THANK YOU will do.


*One couple not pictured per privacy request.


Sending so much love!!!! Cheers! ~ Christy & James xoxo


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